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Now Is The Time

Most have thought of moving their business to the cloud.  How do you know if the time is right?

Are your servers or workstations out of warranty?  218 more words

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Virtual Applications

Mobile devices now outnumber people, with smartphones and tablets being a necessity to many.  They are used for work, socializing, shopping, etc.  Everyone has that friend that is constantly showing them their newest App.  203 more words

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XaaS Dictionary

Technology terms are often broken down into acronyms to make things easier.  Cloud based services have become known as “aaS” or “as a service” offerings.  It is the letter before aaS that tells you what is being hosted and as a group they are know as XaaS or “Anything as a Service.”   Unfortunately, it is often difficult to know which service is right for you.  161 more words

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Citrix Summit

Last week, Citrix held their annual Summit conference.  Citrix partners from around the globe converged in Las Vegas to hear what Citrix has in store for the year ahead and to collaborate with Citrix experts and others from similar fields.  196 more words

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Predicting Trends

As we welcome a new year, now is the time to look back fondly on 2014 and dream of new things for 2015.  In the tech world, we see how last years trends matched the predictions of experts and see what they believe is in store for the new year. 153 more words

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Mobile Cloud Market

Research and Markets has released its worldwide Market Forecast and Analysis for 2014-2019 http://tinyurl.com/qf274a6.  This forecast follows a huge upswing in mobile device sales and measures the cloud market by application and by user.  187 more words

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Cloud Myths and Misconceptions


The Cloud is everywhere.  It has gone from a buzzword to a technology that permeates our lives and is at the center of many debates.  392 more words

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