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The Social Security Secrets Series Episode 3: Getting Approved for Social Security – Who Makes the Decision and How?

In the last two episodes of The Social Security Secrets Series, we talked about the first two steps in the SSI/SSDI application process: financial eligibility and the basic application process. 550 more words


Social Security vs. Veterans Affairs: The Nitty Gritty on Disability Benefits

I recently wrote a post called Maximizing Benefits for Disabled Veterans. That post discussed a brief overview of how disabled veterans might be able to benefit from Social Security disability benefits in addition to their VA Disability Compensation benefits.  869 more words


Extracurriculars: Do's and Don't's

It’s not a mystery that colleges look at students’ extracurriculars as well as grades. In fact, if you’re planning on applying to top schools like the Ivies, MIT, CalTech, or even the mid-to-high UC’s, you need to have spent substantial time outside of school academics for them to consider your application. 508 more words


Safety schools

The college admissions process is constantly evolving, and it’s getting more competitive every year. Our year, Class of 2022, has been experiencing record high applicant numbers for many good schools, meaning that previously “easy” schools to get into are now rather competitive. 90 more words


The Social Security Secrets Series Episode 2: How Do I Apply?

Episode 2: How Do I Apply?

At this point you have passed the work and income requirements for at least one Social Security disability benefits program, SSI or SSDI. 509 more words


The Application Process- Sam's Point of View

The application to the Naval Academy is unlike any other “regular” college you apply for. My application process started in January of my junior year of high school. 761 more words

The final countdown...

Okay so… here am its 5am and i still haven’t slept yet. Yeah… i know… not sleeping is bad. But at least im getting in good practice for medicine lol If i ever get there. 523 more words

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