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Diversity statement woes

One of the newer things I’ve seen in academic job postings is a request for a diversity statement.  If you haven’t seen them, it’s a statement addressing how you would address issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. 552 more words


EPIK Update #5: Apostilles Away!

No one really tells you how big of a financial commitment applying for this program is, so I think it’s important to mention. It is  506 more words


Negotiating a Financial Aid Award

For most people, college is not affordable, even with an aid package. If the aid package at your dream school is insufficient, you might be thinking of trying to negotiate a better one. 461 more words

Financial Aid

Disney On-boarding

The on-boarding process is slightly different for non-College Program CMs so here goes!

Once you have accepted your offer through the online portal, you get to fill out a TON of paperwork online. 350 more words



After nearly a year and half, I am blessed to say that I have returned to the Disney company. When I left before the end of my Disney College program, I was put on what was called a ” restricted rehire” status, meaning that I MIGHT be able to return to the company, but had to prove that I could hold a job/whatever issue what present is gone/etc. 728 more words


Should I Disclose a Learning Difference in My College Essay?

Guest blogger: Joanna Novins

To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

As I a writer, I’ll admit, I’m a bit fixated on essays. So naturally, I wondered whether college application essays are the appropriate place for a student to disclose that he or she has learning differences. 450 more words

College Essay - Writing

Where Did You End Up? 2016

Image: Chris Campbell

Now that April 15th has come and gone, let us know where you’ll be headed in the fall! Or if you’ll be pursuing other opportunities, reapplying again, etc. 51 more words