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Who can – and who cannot – apply to be a Peace Corps Volunteer?

One of the great things about the Peace Corps is that we welcome a wide array of applicants with diverse histories, heritages and interests. We have two mandatory requirements to be eligible for Volunteer service: 625 more words

Becoming A Volunteer

Kristine Sloan Introduction (University of Wyoming '17)

On the last day of my job, my supervisor and I exchanged a difficult goodbye. I had come to see my supervisor as something of a guardian-mentor figure since he is also a poet. 1,397 more words


Emylisa Warrick Introduction (University of South Carolina ’18)

When I applied to graduate school, I thought I wouldn’t get in. I thought I would apply, receive my rejections, and continue the life that I was living. 1,167 more words


Lydia Mulligan Introduction (Eastern Washington University ’17)

Image: Carolyn Jewel

I fell in love with writing at a young age. I read voraciously in the crook of this one plum tree in our backyard. 1,087 more words


About those applications

Image: Mark Grapengater

Everyone has a “hardest part.” The research was mine. I started like any millennial would: I googled it: “MFAs,” “Graduate Programs for Writers,” “Creative Nonfiction MA programs.” I looked up my favorite writers to see if they taught anywhere; if they did, I researched that program. 1,594 more words

First Year Contributor

Alleliah Nuguid Introduction (Boston University '16)

Image: Louish Pixel

When introducing yourself, the general rule is that who you are is what you “do,” and what you do is what pays the bills. 1,113 more words


Surviving Group Assessments Part I

The intimidation I felt walking, relatively late, into a waiting room of over 100 beautiful people was only matched by the fun I had by the end of the two day assessment. 586 more words

Air Hostess