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APIs for Authentication: A journey

Application Program Interface (API) key authentication is a technique that overcomes the hurdles of using shared credentials by using a unique key for each user. The key is usually in the form of a long series of letters and numbers that are different from the account login password. 1,243 more words

Application Programming Interface

Mega Cities of Today and Tomorrow

A bit of analytics on mega cities of today:

People will continue moving into cities in the future: 19 more words


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I have been talking a little bit about Smart Cities since the very beginning of this blog. Smart Cities for me are just a huge playground for APIs, Cloud Computing and more or less all the technologies that we utilize and promote nowadays. Today there are so many huge, enormous, mega cities and the urgency for "smart solutions" grows bigger and bigger. In the following visualizations, it is clearly depicted how those needs can be handled and why there are such needs in the first place.

Scrape a Webpage using Python 2.7

Similar to the previous post, in this post, we are going to learn how to extract information from the Internet. We have to create a dataset first, to implement data mining techniques. 1,084 more words


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I have been drafting a similar article for quite some time, but then my friend Konstantinos posted this. I just loved it.. The simplicity, the straight points he makes and obviously the hands-on tutorial. I just hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Build Your Own Udemy

Today we all are living in technological driven world where online learning has become an important and totally worthwhile way of learning on-the-go. Now our future of higher education lies in the hand of the online learning system. 1,035 more words

Application Programming Interface

[EN] Latest API initiatives in the Transaction Banking ecosystem

One of main corporate to bank connectivity modules is API (Applications Programming Interface), which may be the next trend in transaction banking, as a response to a growing demand from corporates, mainly large multinational corporates whose size requires them to deal with multiple banks, each having its own legacy interface and process, making the management of a multibank relation on corporate treasury level quite challenging and time consuming. 192 more words


5 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Just as you would interview a new employee, you’ll want to interview candidates for your web provider as this will likely be an interactive and ongoing project.  661 more words


Rolls-Royce power systems asserts itself against challenging markets

  • Future program bearing fruits
  • Assertion against shrinking markets – revenue and EBIT remain nearly constant
  • RRPS 2018 on track – gained transparency, ground work established…
  • 701 more words