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What Is Application Outlined Social networking (SDN)?

Program defined networking (SDN) is a revolutionary completely new concept that tries to optimise the particular functioning of a community and drastically help the efficiency. In SDN, there is a central management layer that wishes to regulate the move of information and the affiliated use of bandwidth along with parameters. 400 more words


Evolving in Place

A systematic approach to replacing old technologies and applications with new can save you time and money, improve continuity of operations, and allow you to keep up with your competitors. 419 more words

Technology Strategy

Google’s Container Engine, the system through which developers can easily create and manage clusters of software containers, is now generally available. Software containers are isolated environments where individual applications can run separate from any other applications, allowing for more granular resource management and increased security, among other things. 316 more words


Android 6.0 SDK and final Android Marshmallow Developer Preview update live now

Right on the heels of Google unveiling the official name for Android M — it’s Marshmallow — the company has released the final preview version of the operating system bump along with the Android 6.0 SDK and access to all the new APIs that Marshmallow includes… 272 more words


Harvest of Facebook user data prompts calls for tighter privacy settings

Software developer exploits loophole to obtain thousands of names, pictures and locations of users who link their mobile phone number with account

By Josh Halliday… 707 more words

Have you ever wondered what the most commonly searched terms which lead to your site appearing in Google’s results are? Or maybe the top queries on mobile that lead to your site appearing in results? 137 more words


An Introduction to API

As a follow up to my recent post on PaaS I thought I’d continue the series by sharing the second short paper I wrote for my… 834 more words

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