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Journey of a Book by D.G. Kaye

Debby Gies and I decided to swap some print books to keep on our shelves of a reminder of our friendship and also to read a couple we had missed in Ebook. 19 more words



This is a journey with or without someone.. You never know what this journey will turn into because life is never predictable.. So just keep walking and let people aware about your journey and keep…

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All Babies are Perfect.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything, I have just been super busy between visiting family and playing my son. Phoenix has come a long way since he was born. 12 more words


Do not numb the deep longing you feel . . .

“Do not numb the deep longing you feel coursing in the depths of you, the voice that whispers to feel more, to taste more, to dive deeper into the flow. 17 more words



Foot stuck in a grate He became thoroughly irate She in her flabbergasted state Stormed out the gate Coming back too late He’d succumbed to his fate The cat had taken the bait Her mates tail never …

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​To Forge Ahead Unremittingly

Celestial Happiness: The path less trodden Life is one infinite continuum but, due to our attachments and clinging, we only remain aware of one dimension out of thousands and that is our present ex… 6 more words