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Ruthenium: Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Applications

Ruthenium: Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Applications

Ruthenium is exceedingly rare, as it is only the 74th most abundant metal on Earth. The element is generally found in ores with the other platinum group metals in the Ural Mountains and in North and South America. 42 more words


One Word to Stop Using in Professional Writing

Whether you’re writing a cover letter, grant application, or professional report, “etc.” has no place in formal communication.

Picture some of history’s and popular culture’s most enduring quotes with the addition of “etc.”: 46 more words


Brain has 11 dimensions

One of the possible applications of algebraic topology is in studying the brain, which is known to be very complicated.

Site: https://www.wired.com/story/the-mind-boggling-math-that-maybe-mapped-the-brain-in-11-dimensions/

If you can call understanding the dynamics of a virtual rat brain a real-world problem. 369 more words


Truecaller Premium v8.13 Cracked APK is Here 

Truecaller Premium

Truecaller identifies unknown callers and blocks nuisance calls. See names and photos of people who call, even if they aren’t saved in your phonebook. 161 more words


Parent Communication

Parent communication is nerve-wracking in itself. Parents are trusting you to instill a year’s worth of knowledge in their student while keeping them safe, but allowing them to build relationships and skills (not only academic by socially as well). 735 more words