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Fullerenes: Principles and Applications (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series)

Fullerenes: Principles and Applications (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Series)

The discovery of caged carbon structures, in 1985, established a whole new field of carbon chemistry.  Unlike graphite and diamond, these structures known as… 53 more words


Clinical Applications of Botulinum Neurotoxin

Currently, there are tremendous advances being made in understanding the basic science of both the structure and function of botulinum neurotoxins. This knowledge is opening up opportunities in regard to both therapeutic uses and treatment and protection options for civil and bio-defense applications. 48 more words


Why We Need a Rishta Common App

A couple of days back, I was reading an application of one of my juniors starting college this year. It instantly transported me back to the time when my batch and I used to fill out endless online applications. 1,228 more words


5 Websites To Get Free E-Books

The rise in popularity of tablets and e-readers has created a huge demand for e-books. However, unlike physical books, the process of buying e-books is constrained because of the limited number of online stores as well the proprietary formats most of them use. 499 more words


Top 5 Android Apps You Shouldn't Miss This Week



Every home screen is different, so why icons should be the same?

Introducing Adapticons!
An app that helps you create amazing looking icons for your home screen in a few clicks! 1,305 more words


A Jobseeker's Time

Friday, August 18, 2017

Attn: Human Resources

Location: Anywhere

Dear Employers (in any capacity),

Why do you insist on wasting applicants’ TIME?

THE TIME an applicant spends on the “unecessaries” of filling out the application. 730 more words

Firestarter Apk For Android: Why And How to Download it

When it comes to great online streaming services, it is very hard to replace the biggest player in the market: the Amazon Fire TV. Of course, the interface on this device is a bit tough to customize due to Amazon’s understandable reason to control their own intellectual property. 400 more words