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Three Ways to Maximize Your Summer for Recruitment Season

In my previous article, I discussed the resume and how to effectively craft bullet points that convey the impact made during your time in any particular role. 1,681 more words


Hey, this is super random, but I started learning German.

My internship at the art museum keeps me busier than I thought it would be, and I love every single moment of it. You know why? 725 more words

Graduate School

The Curse of a Bad PI

Scientific research, just like every other career on the planet, has bad bosses. Characteristics of these individuals include poor management skills, inadequate abilities to lead, train or motivate their employees, an inability to fulfill responsibilities, and/or questionable ethics. 693 more words

Scientific Training

Assessment Centres: Group Exercises

A common theme found nowadays when discussing recruitment is the assessment centre. Assessment centres are a great way of sorting out the candidates that have passed the application stage and the consequent psychometric tests. 862 more words


It's Coming Home?

*Spoiler Alert* , it’s sadly not coming home. I just want to put that out there.

I come from a family who are quite honestly sport mad, and sometimes, just sometimes, I get involved in the madness. 705 more words