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Design Anthropology Pt. 2: A New Style of Knowing

Design benefits from looking to anthropology, and vice versa, as noted in part one of this post. But how does can this meeting make for a new and distinct ‘style of knowing’ (Otto and Smith 2013)? 882 more words


Design Anthropology Pt. 1: Anthropology of Design, and for Design

Maybe you just read the words ‘design anthropology’ for the first time. It might be easy to imagine what this new branch of anthropology involves. People design things like computers, buildings and cars, launching them out into social worlds. 748 more words


Ethics of applied anthropology

Human Terrain System

The Human Terrain System (HTS) was a US military program
that ran from February 2007 through until September 2014. Growing out of a… 641 more words


Beyond Academia: what else can you do with your anthropology degree?

The notion of what ‘the field’ is in anthropology has been
expanding over the last few decades. As anthropologist Clifford Geertz is
famously quoted saying: ‘The locus of study is not the object of study. 1,653 more words


Activism and Anthropology

According to James L. Peacock in his “The Future of
Anthropology,” there are three possibilities for the discipline in the coming
century: “extinction,” “hanging on as a living dead,” or a “flourishing… 859 more words

Applied Anthropology


Hi! My name is Eden. I’m a graduate student in an applied
anthropology program. I’m also queer and non-binary (they/them pronouns). I’m
from the United States, but have been living in South Korea for the past two… 349 more words

Applied Anthropology

Critical Issues in Information

The most critical issues in the field of information seem to stem from the fact that we’re awash in it, information that is. Making sense of this information and making it accessible, or at least useful to the public can only be accomplished through adaptive technology and the adaptation of that technology through the culture. 505 more words