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Short eDiscovery Updates to 9 September 2012

This adopts my experimental new format which bundles my Google Plus posts for a period (not necessarily a fixed period) and makes their text available here, together with links to the G+ posts, to the source and to some of the names mentioned in the post. 2,210 more words


Relativity - channelling the enthusiasm at kCura

kCura’s growth prompts thoughts about how companies and industries (and empires and whole civilisations come to that) start and grow, and how they must keep moving forward to stay at the top. 1,177 more words


Recent eDiscovery Posts on Google Plus

Arguments continue as to the value of Google Plus as a FaceBook rival. I don’t much care about that, only about its ability to attract wider audiences. 164 more words


Who explains eDisclosure sources to the lawyers and the court?

An article by US lawyer and eDiscovery expert Jon Resnick of Applied Discovery has application in UK proceedings as well as in the US. Who on your side actually understands where the client’s data is and what is involved in collecting it? 1,326 more words


Equivio adds Applied Discovery, LDM Global and others to a growing list

It can be quite difficult keeping up with those who sponsor the eDisclosure Information Project, quite apart from the wider eDiscovery/eDisclosure market. Some of them seem to assume that I pick up news by some magical process; others broadcast little because they are just getting on with an increasing flow of work; yet others have so much news that it is hard to keep up with them. 643 more words


Lessons from Applied Discovery Proportionality panel in Toronto

It sounds a bit flippant to say that I went to Toronto for breakfast. It certainly would not do as an answer to the immigration official asking the purpose of my visit. 1,783 more words

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