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Catalan Numbers

The beauty in mathematics lies in the fact that a single problem can have multiple solutions, and different ‘unrelated’ problems might end up having the same solution set. 1,622 more words


Getting Ready for the Quantum Race

Also published in LinkedIn and Cyber Security India. If you would like to publish it in your website/print media, get in touch with Jesse… 1,773 more words


Random Number Generators

It is said that scientific research is primarily about observing the wonders of nature, trying to identify the patterns and analysing and developing theories based on the observations. 1,119 more words


Turing Machines

Mathematicians are highly ambitious people who never like to lose. For a long time, it was a popular belief that every mathematical problem is solvable, either theoretically or mechanically. 1,176 more words


Equations That Changed the World - Infographic

World Changing Equations

Math is all around us. ¬†While we all have complained at sometime “when are we going to use this?” (or at least heard it from students) the fact is that math how we are able to understand and define the universe around us. ¬† 24 more words