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Duplication earns retraction for nanomaterials paper that had already been corrected

After earning an erratum shortly after publication in 2009, a paper in Applied Physics Letters has now been retracted for the “regrettable mistake” of duplicating an earlier paper by the researchers. 352 more words

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Harvesting Energy from Thin Air

November 11, 2013 – Twenty years ago when I began grade school, I did not have access to a computer with anything more than Visual BASIC – a black screen that you had to learn to talk to by studying its code. 696 more words


Team develops compact, high-power terahertz source at room temperature

Terahertz (THz) radiation—radiation in the wavelength range of 30 to 300 microns—is gaining attention due to its applications in security screening, medical and industrial imaging, agricultural inspection, astronomical research, and other areas. 354 more words


Nanoscale vacuum transistors - way cool, but still not as pretty as a glowing 12AU6

From AAAS, news of a super tiny vacuum-tube transistor hybrid that can operate up to .46 TERAHertz (thats 460,000 megahertz or 460 gigahertz):

Return of the Vacuum Tube… 669 more words


Pair of graphene papers retracted

Graphene has been hot for several years. Here’s what the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences had to say about it in 2010 when awarding two researchers the Nobel Prize in Physics… 315 more words

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Salmon DNA used in data storage device

Can you believe this? Yes, it’s true.  Scientists have been able to create a WORM memory device using  electrodes, silver nano-particles and salmon DNA!

In reading from a… 168 more words

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