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Let's talk it over - by wikijob

or… Forums: the best way to get tips for employer application schemes

It can be very tricky to know which graduate scheme is right for you. 662 more words

Applying For Jobs

The situation has changed!

I am absolutely devastated. My TEFLing adventures will not be starting for another nine months at the earliest. I had been offered two jobs. One did not come with accommodation, so I turned it down straight away. 230 more words


Who's laughing now? The best UK degrees to guarantee employment (by White Horse Digital)

What’s your dream job? C’mon, don’t be bashful. Designer? Musician? The next Mark Zuckerberg? Everyone has a deep desire to do something great, but with so many industries filled with hurdles of competition (and so few positions), it’s not always possible to land on your feet. 685 more words

Applying For Jobs

There's more to life than books you know, but not much more...

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has been instrumental in allowing me to complete a month’s unpaid work at a literary, theatre and film agency in London. 295 more words

Applying For Jobs

Alumni advice: Don't give up, I know you can make it good

Last year I completed an MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies following my undergraduate degree in History, both at Kent. On August 26 I handed my MA dissertation in and hopped on the train back to Solihull, the next day I took part in an assessment centre at Solihull Council and by 6pm on August 27 I had secured a year’s paid internship there. 646 more words

Applying For Jobs

Catching the right wave: How Minimalism has taught me to Wait.

I am not a patient person. I rush through life and I get angry at stoplights. When I realized I needed to switch jobs, I knew I’d say yes to the first one that wanted me. 397 more words


Shine, shine, shine like a star!

Networking…yuck! If you’re anything like me this word fills you with dread. The thought of attending an afternoon of organised fun talking to strangers about your job and theirs just sounds painful; no thank you. 448 more words

Applying For Jobs