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Writing Top Notch Application Essays

Government and public interest positions often require essays as part of the application. If you’re applying to Shaffer, Bank of America Foundation, Equal Justice Works, Skadden, or just about any other fellowship, you will have to write multiple essays. 2,038 more words

Applying For Jobs

What your hobbies and interests tell employers about you

When you’re putting together your graduate CV, your hobbies and interests section may seem fairly insignificant, right? Think again.

What you write about in this section can tell a prospective employer a lot more about you than you might think. 663 more words


My Personal OCI Story

When I was sitting where you are, a rising 2L preparing for OCI and fall recruiting season, I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was working as a law clerk for a state supreme court judge and the 22 year old hypochondriac that I was, I had already developed a habit of going in for routine physicals. 1,107 more words

Applying For Jobs

6 Paid Internships to Apply for Outside of OCI

This is the time of year when rising 2Ls get excited about OCI. The siren call of the good money, prestige factor, and ease of the job application process make OCI pretty darn appealing. 1,314 more words

Applying For Jobs

Going In-House: Working and Interning at Hyatt Hotels

Working in-house in a corporate legal department can be a great career. Instead of multiple clients, you have one—the corporation you work for, there are no billable hour requirements (although the hours can be quite long), and you will get the chance to work on sophisticated legal issues. 974 more words

Applying For Jobs

The Harsh Reality for People with No Experience who are trying to find a job

How many of you have never worked before? I’m sure there are lots of people who have no experience and are trying to find a job so they are on the same boat as me. 269 more words