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Announcing the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference

If you’re looking for a public interest or government job in the Midwest for next summer or after graduation, you should definitely participate in the Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference (MPILCC). 229 more words

Applying For Jobs

Careers with the City of Chicago Department of Law

If you’re looking to get hands on experience, get treated like a full-fledged attorney during your internship, or practice in just about any area of law, including both litigation and transactional practice areas, you should seriously consider the City of Chicago Department of Law for an internship, school-year externship, or postgraduate entry-level attorney position. 3,122 more words

Applying For Jobs

Working In-House Over the Summer: A Hack For Finding Who Is Hiring

Many law students are interested in working for companies over the summer or through externships. Working in an in-house position is great experience that can give you the chance to do transactional work outside of a law firm. 815 more words

Applying For Jobs

Part-time work? You need a National Insurance number

Looking for part-time work? @uofedcareers can help you get a National Insurance no., appointments here: http://edin.ac/1nu97lU  #EdWelcome

How to Prepare for your Dream Job - Cover Letters

So a few days ago I published a post about resumes and what to include. I wanted this post to focus on Cover letters. Cover letters are a little bit more tricky as they are definitely more freeform and allow you to express yourself to the hiring managers. 859 more words

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How to prepare for your dream job - Resume

So I have been asked quite a few times how I managed to get my dream job with a company I’ve always wanted to work for. 1,404 more words

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Tackling Shaffer & BOAF Essay #3

This blog post is the last of several blog posts written to guide candidates for the Shaffer and Bank of America Foundation fellowships through the application essay writing process.   1,966 more words

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