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Catching the right wave: How Minimalism has taught me to Wait.

I am not a patient person. I rush through life and I get angry at stoplights. When I realized I needed to switch jobs, I knew I’d say yes to the first one that wanted me. 397 more words


Shine, shine, shine like a star!

Networking…yuck! If you’re anything like me this word fills you with dread. The thought of attending an afternoon of organised fun talking to strangers about your job and theirs just sounds painful; no thank you. 448 more words

Applying For Jobs

LinkedIn Errors That Could Hurt Your Job Search

You have probably heard by now how a polished professional LinkedIn profile can help you in your job search. You’ve spent hours after hours perfecting your profile in the hopes of drawing attention from potential employers. 315 more words

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...And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer - Student Case Study: Dannielle Way

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has allowed me to undertake work experience, in the hope that I will find a job suited to me. 523 more words

Applying For Jobs

Post-Grad Blues

Recent graduates throughout the country have now been out of school for over a month now. Some of us have jobs while others are still waiting for that break in the clouds as we continue to apply for jobs. 419 more words

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Congratulations! Now what do I do? - NHS Graduate Scheme

Firstly, congratulations to all trainees who have been offered a place on the scheme! If you haven’t, don’t give up as there are quite a few trainees who learn from the experience and apply again. 535 more words

Applying For Jobs

Not having success looking for work, do you have a CV? That's probably the problem.

I keep being reminded of those days after you hand in the last uni assignment and it’s all over. Such a relief yet such a daunting prospect knowing you’ve got to make some serious choices and decisions and hope for some job search success. 1,506 more words