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Being Annoying Is Effective

We got some answers and appointments!

Most of this post is going to be happy! Yay! I neglected to post the last few days when I was super frustrated with not getting answers. 548 more words


FINALLY, An Official Dx For The Lil Man

So this week has been pretty busy.  The lil man had his evals all week. Instead of one long stressful day of tests and docs, it was broken down into three days for the boy. 877 more words


How to Use SMS Marketing for Appointment-Based Businesses

Many small businesses rely on customer appointments to fill not only calendars but bank accounts. When appointments are missed, these businesses lost not only the income from those customers but also the ability to serve other customers who may well …

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Perfect Check Up

Levi has been doing so well since we got his port taken out. Those things are definitely a blessing and curse. I think his body reacted against it since he has had a previous infection in the past from his central line. 247 more words

Team Levi

Stands that bhakts will take to defend PM’s decision of giving Irani a chance as HRD Minister

Rumor has it that Smriti Irani (referred to as SI hereforth) will soon be ousted from HRD ministry. The PM though is unlikely to relent, as Madhu Kishwar tweeted on 16th April 2015. 727 more words


WATCH: Ray Takes a Trip to the Dentist!

Dentists say to always floss… but flossing is what caused Ray’s tooth to fall out! Ray claims his dentist is a stud just like Superman… and they met on a station event fishing trip!