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The Truth is Out There

There are so many misconceptions today about why the Civil War was fought, what motivated the South, and what the Confederate battle flag truly represented. Some people are wrongly offended by the flag because they don’t really understand what it symbolizes. 175 more words

Horizons Unlimited Virginia 2016 Part Four

It had rained again the night before, so the hard roof was a good thing. It also meant I was shaved, showered, and all my travel electronics were fully charged up when I got on the road in the morning. 507 more words


Fuji Neopan (2 of 3)

Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA:

Appomattox Court House, VA:

South River Friends Meetinghouse* Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA:

*Lynchburg was founded by John Lynch, a Quaker.


What About the Peers?

So week two of training is over and Tuesday I am on my own when I go out to the park. I will start my day in the fee booth, go to the visitor center, then lunch, work the McLean house, and then back to the visitor center. 973 more words

Appomattox Court House

In 1865 the village of Appomattox Court House only boasted about 100 people in a county of 4,414. The people of the small village never dreamed that the war would end in their very small town. 319 more words

The Civil War Begins and Ends With One Person

His name was Wilmer McLean and he lived in Manassas, Virginia.  In 1861, in what was one of the first battles of the war, McLean’s house was hit by Union cannon fire.   130 more words

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April Wanderings and Updates

Oh hey! WordPress just told me it’s my 7th anniversary with this blog. Huzzah for that!

Things have been pretty hectic here the last couple of months. 406 more words