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The High Cost Of Living With Algorithms (or "Computer Says No")

David Walliams in “Little Britain” (Photcredit: BBC)

How much?!? “ It wasn’t a question, but a statement of disbelief. Surely some mistake.

But no, the quote from the existing provider of my car insurance is a third higher (and nearly into four figures) despite no claim and no changes in circumstance – and another year’s no-claim bonus to boot. 605 more words

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Redefining Teacher Accountability

An Essential but Misguided Concept

Accountability is a word certain to draw a rift between teachers and the people who employ and appraise them. Generally speaking, education administrators, policy makers and those who employ teachers need to know how well teachers are performing and whether the students are getting the education they need/expect, while teachers mostly feel that the teaching–learning process and the diversity and heterogenous nature of their classes are complex enough that any such assessment can never really give the full story. 2,041 more words


Where Appraisal meets Engagement…

It’s that time of the year again! When the industry buzzword is “Appraisal” ….. at least for a few months.

For employees – commences the race to getting to the highest bonus bracket. 1,085 more words

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Emeralds-as part of Famous gems

Emerald-that beautiful velvety green member of the beryl family has the ability to lure us with its colour.  It brings us into it.  It may have flaws/inclusions but they are just a part of its lure. 282 more words


One more time... Why values are a pile of cobbler's

This month I’m going to be handed a piece of paper with the Organisation’s​ new “Values and behaviours”, in my annual performance review.

So this means what I value and how I behave will change once I read what they’re to be this financial year. 277 more words

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Understanding Appraisals

Let’s face it, right now we appear to be in a market where the home inventory is not that large and we really need to make sure if we are selling our home, we have some basic knowledge on why an appraisal could come in low.  597 more words

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