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Field Trip!!

I had a really good day today!  My little man had a field trip to a museum to see some dinosaurs and I volunteered to help.  162 more words


Happy Place

OK so since my post this morning, I have found a somewhat happy place.  I’ve kept busy all day which is what I need to do everyday.   100 more words


Raise your middle finger to life AND demand for his manager

Seriously. I’ve been asking this question all my life. I appreciate the kind thought of Elbert Hubbard coining the oh-so-familiar phrase to uplift the spirit of those sinking in adversity. 587 more words



I have a love/hate relationship with social media, and the internet for that matter.  I would love to go off the grid and live in a cabin on a mountain where we hunt for and grow our own food.  747 more words


Fresh start

Today is a new day.  Today I am determined to have a positive day.  My goal is to complete the bedroom switcheroo from yesterday by moving the closets around.   54 more words


Panicked Sunday

Well today is Sunday, and although it is fairly relaxed now, it wasn’t so about 5-6 hours ago.  My husband and my eldest decided it was the day to move bedrooms around.  1,113 more words


What is life for you?

Lot of my friends who are going through mid life crisis or other problems in their life don’t seem to appreciate life. When I ask them how do you want your life to be, some of them don’t have an answer for that either. 192 more words