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The Blessing of Life's Seasonal Travel Buddies

Life is so crazy. Sometimes I look back & wonder how I made it to where I am…or even how I made it this far. I look back & see so many life-seasons I have gone through. 857 more words

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Routine Isn't Always Such a Bad Thing...

Oh my, how good it feels to be putting pen to paper again…well, I guess more like fingers to keyboard, but you get the idea. 929 more words

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Take a chance

Stand still, look around you, this is your life. Live it for the now. Be present. Live life with the love and passion it deserves. 239 more words


Release your emotions and be free

At some point or at numerous points in your life you will meet someone that will shake you to the core; impact upon you so deeply that you may never be the same again. 186 more words


About Suzanne and Her Dangerous Idea

After Suzanne almost lost her entire family due to a war that’s been happening in her country, she left the damn place for good and moved across the sea. 872 more words


The Small Things.

It’s moments like these that I live for. They are the small things. Just sitting in my room by myself with the windows wide open. The room is filled with a blended sound of crickets chirpping and my favorite acoustic singing in the background. 56 more words

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Do you appreciate the good part of your life?

A couple weeks back, I decided to keep a daily journal about “3 things that made me happy” on that day and as I started writing I felt awfully sad because I was finding it hard to come up with even one thing that made me happy. 212 more words