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Making time to do what you love

I am soooo super guilty of not doing this. I can’t even count how many times I’ve said to myself that i should focus on work/school, and in the end it’s not like I put in maximum effort in it and then time feels wasted like hey, I could have used that extra time to do something fulfilling and productive (or just focusing on my commitments). 608 more words

If You're Not Enjoying The Little Things, You're Failing

It’s about 7 o’clock. The sun’s shining into our living room. The window’s open. A gentle breeze is wafting through. Birds are chirping. The American Dollar is playing lightly on Pandora. 376 more words

Slow Down and Enjoy a Baseball Game

Happy Opening Day, 2016! The start of a new baseball season is here. My love of baseball goes back to my childhood. The experiences of playing the game still resonate with me about twenty-five years since I last played a game in high school. 613 more words

I Wish There Was A Way To Bottle My Memories

California messy.
Sheets pulled aside
like a sleeping tide,
and the yellow sun winks at us
through the blinds.
Backyard citrus trees,
the smell of fresh lemon balm… 107 more words

Today is a new day!

We all deal with trials and tribulation, with elation and celebration, with down and outs and ups and ins, in that, we are all one. Like it says everywhere nowadays “everyone has a story”. 629 more words

Suppression Protection

You know, it’s funny how much our brain can protect us. I know, I know, this is where our thoughts come from.. ..duh! But, in light of recent events, it has been clear to me that my brain put a blanket on the memories that would otherwise have destroyed me at such a young age…. 617 more words

Confronting the Abuser

As I have mentioned quite quickly in a previous blog entry, I was sexually abused as a youngster. Well, I did not quite rely on my memories while growing up and thought that maybe my emotions were overreactions. 752 more words