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To Every 20-Something, Stop Wishing And Start Living

This is for my 20-something friends, either still in college, graduated college and or are working:

You’re also probably in transition of figuring out what the heck to do with your life, where you are going to live and how you will afford life. 458 more words

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

Shit, this book man, I don’t know what I can really say. Through fiction or nonfictional stories, this book throws you into the shit of the Vietnam war.  86 more words

I May Be Broke But I Fully Understand How I Still Benefit From Privilege

Privilege is a funny word. It gets thrown around a lot these days but few people I’ve met seem to really understand what it means. 691 more words

Day 241 Challenge


Rejoice is a term that is often used in religious context, however the definition is much broader than that.  Rejoice means to feel or show great joy or delight.  114 more words

Daily Challenges

Look! Double Rainbow!

A few years ago there was an advertisement on TV for vodafone. A man goes around saying double _______! And look! Double Rainbow! This was hilarious for a while and despite how unlikely it is to see a double rainbow, a rainbow by itself is still a pretty cool thing to see. 411 more words


I love coffee!  Really!  It’s one of my very “favorite things.”  As you mentally cue the Rogers and Hammerstein music, just think about it.  Isn’t it a great addition to your morning routine? 360 more words

Advice For Myself

Appreciating This Thing Called Life

Every person who has ever lived have a birthday.  Usually as the birthdays pile up,  the honored one make remarks about how old they are getting, things that they used to do which can no longer be done, and a possible reminder of “don’t remind me” when it comes down to someone saying, “you’re another year older”. 413 more words

The Tina Fite Project