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noticed how she repeatedly blamed people for ‘making’ her feel bad. very lately coming to understand it’s a matter of choice — & know you can easily ‘revert.’ took a long time to embed reactions & change comes slowly. 9 more words

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The Elusive Blank

strive for blankness. it is possible! and of great service.

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Loving Kindness: What would you have me do?

Dominant Hand: Give me a sign that’s so clear I can’t mistake it. I write that with a great deal of fear, you know. 25 more words

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If this is not love, then I don't know what else is

Warning: This will be a super long and deep post so you might not wanna read it. But if you do, I hope you will gain something from it :) 1,028 more words


The Benefits of Boredom

you’ve learned much about stress & may be close to being bored with it. good! reaction to latest reality twist is – as always – up to you.

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Genetic Convenience

Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others apparently land with their bum in the butter. But neither promises a good life if you don’t know what to do with good fortune. 701 more words



look at as a gift to you, not a burden to them. not your responsibility to make assignments, dear one.

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