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No Doubt About It

After writing about a straightforward conversation with a potential employer:

sanity & professionalism: have been looking for that for 4 years without finding it. tired of chaos & disrespect. ready-more-than-ready for peace.

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funny little Dottie: nice to have a healthy, frisky dog who’s 11. poodle mixes seem to start slowing down at 9 or 10. wouldn’t trade any of them, tho’. sweet treasures.

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I’ve seen myself walking a path through a barren land. In the distance, the very farthest end of the horizon, beautiful clouds gathered, non-threatening and cool in appearance. 813 more words



it’s a lovely morning. flowers and birds are exulting. no reason you can’t, too.

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(#419) What If It Were All Gone?

We allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by the “stuff” of life.
We end up taking a lot for granted. We may even have GDD.  
Gratitude Deficit Disorder. 636 more words


(#417) Gratitude

Simple acts of gratitude offered, received, and witnessed.

Note to my readers: Today’s post marks the beginning of the 9th year of this weekly blog. Thank you for following, sharing, and commenting.  754 more words


Instruments and Agents


read Janet Connor’s e-letter about ‘receiving’ prayers & understood completely about being an instrument of communication. 7 more words

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