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Useful Insight


whatever choices you make seem to be wrong with him. always catches you off-guard. that’s an insight you can use, dear one. being wrong in his eyes doesn’t mean you are.

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Avoid This Path!


do not let negatives (perceived or real) blind you to positives, or lessen the blessings they bring. sure path to unhappiness.

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Forever Connected That YaYa Sisterhood Kind of Thing...

 (Lynn is the blonde on the left)

I am getting ready to meet a handful of some friends from my past, way in my past… ones I called my best friends back then. 861 more words


Haiku 116

So glad to be here,
on this beautiful planet,
watching through these eyes.


Criticism is an activity of uncertain consequences.

Many a time, in the past, when people have asked for my opinion I have watched with dismay as they react with angry defensiveness when I provide them with a critique that includes the positives and the not so positive. 209 more words


Dear Presence

find yourself thinking about losing Daphne. choose joy in her sweet, funny ways over dread of her passing. a chance to release & be grateful for her dear, present now.

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deep breaths & frequent smiles, dear one. both are therapeutic.

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