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IF ONLY.... I Could Go Back And Tell Keri What I Know Now

When I was a young girl, I counted the days until Christmas. Both my parents made it magical for me. My dad was as big of a kid as I was about it all! 817 more words


Afterword; Thanksgiving!

Well, my favorite holiday is over (boo). I spent it quietly with my nephew at a restaurant. It was lovely, peaceful, fun, and just plain delightful. 93 more words

Jen's Loves

As an author, I’m so fortunate to get to met so many unbelievably amazing people: artists, designers, editors, readers, and of course, other authors! I want to share some of these people with you because it truly feels selfish to keep them to myself!! 607 more words

Glad I Do

decorating equals playing for you. surprised at the number of people who dislike it.

Right Brain

No, I Don't

‘healing’ is cue. never get one that says ‘annoyance’!

Right Brain

All We Can Do

had 8 years of an elegant, eloquent president who was blocked at every turn. don’t despair, dear one. all you can do is the best you can do. which is remarkable.

Right Brain