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Best Cousin Award

Hello people!

We are almost at the end of October and it will be new year all of a sudden. I don’t know how did the 10 months passed by so fast. 606 more words


That Half Full Glass

Do relationships end because people change, or because they finally realise who they’re with? Or is it closer to going in with a belief that growth is possible, only to discover that their partner was uninterested in growth? 1,089 more words


Dogs in Disguise


you wrote about Daisy in 6th grade as if she was a new baby & teacher had you read it aloud. another masquerading angel.

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Medicinal Bronzing

might be the day to call the contractor. very professional & his crew telling you about his ‘bronzed tools’ always makes you laugh. the best medicine, dear one.

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Many Levels


you are a wonderful, creative, kind person who deserves to be happy & well. and you are, on many levels. something to ponder.

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Essence of Purity

‘purity’ is cue. there’s nothing more pure than self-care.

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[After writing about my admiration for Jonathan Safran Foer & meeting him when Everything is Illuminated was first published]: artists of any kind always energize you. 7 more words

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