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enjoying re-reading Daddy-Long-Legs. such a good book you feel you could start over when you finish. written in 1912 & so much fun.

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A Perfect Symbol


Daphne’s on your lap, a small, comforting weight. sit with this peace & comfort. try to tap it during the day. the suddenly-screeching blue jay’s a perfect symbol of what you want to keep at bay.

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Loving Kindness: You’ve been thinking about the serenity prayer, another tool in your arsenal. That arsenal also includes humor, intelligence, creativity, kindness, appreciation, a sense of wonder, a longing for peace, the honoring of truth.

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Every Time


heard Martin Luther King quote about love winning every time – eventually. Mom’s more pragmatic ‘honey vs. vinegar’ also suitable & effective.

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Welcome Respite

It has taken nearly two months, but last night the overnight temperature finally dropped below 19 degrees Celsius.

And the welcome respite enticed even the most sleep-deprived soul among us to sleep. 72 more words




Loving Kindness: For now, enjoy this lovely day that you’ve given yourself. And try to believe that they all can be lovely. Because they are, sweetheart. 9 more words

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Loving Kindness: I can feel you calling for reinforcements. As always, I’m happy to oblige.

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