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F*** your twenties

Twenty-five. Quarter of a century. Recent research indicates that your brain isn’t fully developed until at least twenty-five years of age. When I turned twenty-five, it seemed that the universe decided: whelp, look who’s full grown! 1,096 more words


Only Joy


had fun laughing last nite. hold on to that memory, the feeling of being helpless to stop laughing. a gift to you, liberating you from everything except joy. 13 more words

Right Brain

Yes I Do


you realize this practice takes time you could spend on other things but you believe strongly in the benefits received.

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No Regrets

regret’s not useful: keeps you in the past.

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Bears and Bunnies


could probably give lots of advice about feeding bears! maybe her way is to treat them as bunnies, an idea that intrigues you.

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While It’s Possible


no tenderness in sight in current world situation. all could change in a heartbeat. a new perspective – an unfathomable one, really. every-day life with its trials & smiles vs. 8 more words

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you can’t really plan for humor, but you can open yourself to its healing powers.

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