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back to school, for big people

We’re in the last days of the summer holidays here in Nova Scotia and I feel like I’ve had one of the best summers of my life. 889 more words


Many Thanks, Milestones and Being Brain Dead

Hello guys,

I actually love you all. I know I say that in pretty much all my posts, but anyone who reads my posts is awesome. 414 more words


Art of Appreciation

When was the last time you stop to check the view? When was the last time you told yourself you did good? When was the last time you were grateful for a little break? 381 more words


Especially Kind

peace is cue for today. easy to remember & an especially kind mantra.

Right Brain

Why Not?

After writing about not feeling prepared:

perfectionism kicks in, to your disadvantage. why not be grateful for the opportunity to shine?

Right Brain

Moving On

life seems circumscribed & routine except for health ‘flare ups.’ had no routine that wasn’t grounded in worry for years. grateful to move on.

Right Brain

Happy Routine

be happy with routine for now, dear one. it’s soothing in its way & you’re not competing with anyone. when it feels like a rut, you’ll change it.

Right Brain