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Taken for Granted

It’s not always a bad thing to be taken for granted. It really all depends on who is taking you for granted, doesn’t it? When we incline towards selflessness, being taken for granted is comforting. 781 more words



you want to do a good job but personal time’s important. look for a mutual medium.

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Letting Go

Loving Kindness: You’re coming to enjoy letting go of the control reins when you choose to release. You can feel the stress leave your body & amusement as you watch yourself let go.  

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creativity juices flowing: feel spirit lifting. never far away & brings you much joy.

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Two Days Ago, I Almost Died

Two days ago, I almost died.

You know how things can be really fast, right? I remember how two big jeepneys were in a rush and almost hit me at 6pm. 447 more words


Small Companions

dogs are such a joy in your life. small, steady, loving companions to be cherished.

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"It's Okay Sir, There's No One In That Car"

Anyone who has followed my blog knows this story… but sometimes I just need to remind myself of all my blessings. So please bear with me as I remember. 578 more words