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Sometimes to get interesting footage you have to try new things! If you remember back when we first got that Apprentice I  tried following it with the Phantom and that didn’t work out very well. 44 more words


The Forgotten Warrior

My master told me to wait here, in the Mystic Mountains of Ki Uno. I had done that faithfully since that day. I was but a young man. 218 more words

Flash Fiction

Apprenticeship Completed!

This week I moved out of my last apprenticeship placement and into my permanent job – my new title? Software Engineer, exactly I wanted at the end of my four year training scheme! 311 more words


Did you have a useful week? 

Did you learn something? Did you stretch yourself? Did you challenge your assumptions, or your practices?

Do you feel like you achieved something last week? Did the frustrations inspire you to make it easier next week? 124 more words


7 things I’ve learned as a communications apprentice at Leicester’s hospitals

  • I have edited Leicester’s Hospitals’ intranet (INsite) and I also now know how to add images and text to this site. Since starting here I feel much more comfortable using a variety of computer programmes than I did before e.g.
  • 891 more words

A Day in Architecture - Gus Parkhouse

Quick question – which of these do you think Architects really do?

  1. Engages with clients.
  2. Create and design Architectural deliverables.
  3. Generate solutions to a client’s requests.
  4. 936 more words

P is for pegs, porridge, pants ...and puppies

I can’t deny that having a puppy is a joyous, wondrous thing. Although my heart is heavy and my eyes prickle with tears often as I walk the fine line between grief and a new love in my life, I am blown away by… 746 more words