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Too Much Political "Reality TV"

I remember when reality TV shows were a novelty — unscripted (we thought) stuff like a peephole into life being lived. Trump’s original “Apprentice” was a fascinating look at rigorous challenges in which bright, determined young people would compete for a wonderful job. 210 more words


A SCA 14th-century apprentice ceremony: Part 1


At Pennsic I apprenticed to Master Derian le Breton. Prior to Pennsic we had discussed what type of contract and ceremony we were both interested in and there started the research. 1,555 more words


Frenchie the Butcher and Lloyd our Jamaican Sous Chef – 1971

During my three years as an apprentice at the Buffalo Statler Hilton Hotel I worked for two different executive chefs and three sous chefs. 1,824 more words

New Degree Apprenticeship route into Teaching

The Department for Education has announced that a teaching degree apprenticeship will available within the next two years. This opens up a new, exciting pathway into teaching, as the government attempt to close the deficit in new recruits. 412 more words


Random thoughts on the world, peace and trade

Sometimes I wish we could go back to the times when people did what they loved and bartered to get life’s necessities. when education was done in the real world through apprenticeship than by spending 5-8 years inside 4 walls and in front of a book and projector before ever getting to see your profession in its natural state. 730 more words

Mr / Mrs HR – brace yourself. Get ready for post-Brexit workforce challenges.

No point being shy about it guys, I think Brexit was a mistake. Huge mistake.

The whole populist shouting, focusing so much on immigration and making Britain ‘great’ again – that just does not go down well with me. 1,175 more words