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good food news

Farm labor is a topic of conversation that casually eases in and out of our discussions all year long, every year. Should we nix our longstanding apprenticeship program in lieu of a couple of full-time folks or maybe…to read more click here VOL.10 #4 (04-25-17)


Pass It Along: the State of Knowledge Sharing in Email Deliverability

Over the weekend I heard a great message focused around passing wisdom and knowledge to the next generation. In this context, the “next generation” was not specifically referring to children, but instead to those who may be struggling in areas we’ve worked through ourselves. 564 more words



Just a bit of a backstory on how I got involved with NUS (National Union of Students)…

Back in 2014 I was an apprentice, I didn’t know about NUS other than if you bought a student card from them you got free cheeseburgers. 582 more words


JURY REPORT: International Film Festival de Fribourg, 2017

The International Film Festival de Fribourg (FIFF) took place from March 31st to April 8th 2017 in the Swiss town of Fribourg. As in the past, the IFFS was able to set up one of five juries for the International competition for long feature films. 621 more words

My Experience with Freemasonry

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasonry#/media/File:Square_compasses.svg

I was initiated in Freemasonry about five years ago, and I got to say that it was quite an experience. If I’m being honest, the truth is that I had no idea what the masonry was about, I just had the idea that it was some kind of secret power group that had secret meetings to bond between each other and make connections that may allow them to progress in the business or political world. 988 more words


Girl Power!

I’m writing 2 different blog entries today, because I need to address something that’s been weighing on me. Since I was in school, we’ve talked about it. 1,679 more words

Mortuary Science

Don't forget the tax!

It’s been a whirlwind of a month since I last posted on here. We’re basically settled into our apartment, only a couple of boxes still remain, and that’s mostly because they’re gonna be storage things anyway. 318 more words