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Police Community Relations: Professional Appearance Matters

Police patrol strategies work best when departments find a balance between protector and crime fighter. Too much in the protector role and crime rises because no one is watching the wolves. 634 more words

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An Approach To Approachability

An Approach To Approachability…Through The Wines of Tempranillo

It is often I find myself at the center of a conversation; of course one of the reasons for this is that I’m slightly narcissistic of my thoughts, but more so it is because I am a very approachable human. 982 more words

One of the most popular Dilbert comic strips in the
cartoon’s history begins with Dilbert’s boss relaying
senior leadership’s explanation for the company’s
low profits. In response to his boss, Dilbert asks… 1,463 more words


In pursuit of Approachability

Approachability is a characteristic that is desired of any leader or of anyone aspiring to be a leader. If one is not approachable, it impedes the line of communication. 739 more words


Hey teacher, leave the suits alone!

As a college professor, I have noticed something that may not seem so obvious. Students like it better when I am in my jeans. In general, they feel more comfortable with me when I wear casual cloths; it seems that I become more accessible and one of them. 76 more words


Top 5 Social Media Basics

Here are the highlights from a great article about Leveraging Social Media. The 5 things you should be paying attention to with your social media presence are: 198 more words