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Hey teacher, leave the suits alone!

As a college professor, I have noticed something that may not seem so obvious. Students like it better when I am in my jeans. In general, they feel more comfortable with me when I wear casual cloths; it seems that I become more accessible and one of them. 76 more words


Top 5 Social Media Basics

Here are the highlights from a great article about Leveraging Social Media. The 5 things you should be paying attention to with your social media presence are: 198 more words


Impressions Journal #11: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS Download)!

I decided to create this journal because I needed a place to share impressions about games I’m yet to finish and I know I’ll never review… 403 more words


Trustworthiness = transparency + openness + approachability

From the very beginning it has been clear that operating as a startup in a field of funding is going to be extremely tough. Credibility and the consequent trustworthiness are issues that we will face for sured. 214 more words


The statistics of busy, or the management of approachability

In one Seinfeld episode, George puts on an annoyed busy-all-the-time act at work. Consequently, nobody bothered him with work.

Academia is a cult of busy… 771 more words

What You Say and How You Say It: Student-Faculty Interactions

By Rachel Luckenbill

During one particular semester, I had an opportunity to teach a class for adults who wanted to bridge an educational gap between high school and higher education. 885 more words