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Full Stock in WOW Armor items | Try and keep things appropriate

Trying to find the Broken Isles in Legion? Need help with that new Demon Hunter class? This player type loves WoW, but also loves you. This player will go out of their way to make every else’s experience better, even to the detriment of… 372 more words


Feelings or Facts

There are times when you can’t stop doing something even when you definitely knew that it is totally wrong. There are decisions that you know will eventually have unfavorable result and yet you chose to make those decision. 601 more words

Fonts matter more than we think

Source of photo: Design cuts

Some may think it’s appropriate, those do not understand the proper usage of a particular font to deliver the message that the words are supposed to. 98 more words

Is Disney Kids Friendly?

So, I’ve visited Disney Magic Kingdom in Florida twice now and I am shocked at what I saw.

The first time when I went, I did some research on what to wear and the whole process of what you can do when you get there and what to expect. 641 more words


Chillan With The Basics 

I’m here finally with my second shoe blog. The mens wingtip is a “staple” (a basic staple) that should be in every business mans wardrobe. It’s the go to; I call it the wake up and you don’t have to think about it effect. 336 more words


Too much enthusiasm?

By: Donald Smith


A main objective of public relations material is to get your target publics excited about your company’s news. However, is it possible to be too excited and use too many exclamation points? 366 more words

When it's ok to judge another person

Bible guidance for when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to judge someone else


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