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Mobile web is the architecture of choice for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprises continue to build custom apps in 2015 to meet their business needs. Without question, one of those needs is enterprise mobility. 43% of respondents cited mobility (mobile web or apps) as a top business functionality or process critical for apps in 2015 (source: … 229 more words

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Packaged SaaS apps are not meeting enterprise needs in 2015

Despite the plethora of packaged SaaS apps available today for everything from CRM to Expense Reports, many enterprises continue to build their own custom apps in 2015. 202 more words

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Cloud enables Mobile enables Employee Efficiency

Cloud computing is now a core component of the IT landscape. While 67% of executives claim that they have encountered problems in the cloud, only 9% experienced a problem with significant damages suggesting that there have been many minor incidents with cloud implementations according to a new survey. 135 more words

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Tutorials: We are here to help!

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frevvo offers many tutorials to guide you through each step of the way when it comes to building the perfect form and or workflow. 166 more words


10 Things We've Learned About Cloud Computing, So Far (Forbes)

Joe McKendrick recently posted an interesting article about Cloud Computing and some key lessons we’ve learned more than a decade in. It’s a good read and an excellent introduction to some of the important things to know about Cloud, especially so for SMBs who may not have significant expertise. 892 more words

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[Infographic] Why Small Business are Flying to the Cloud

Check out this new Infographic on why Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting the cloud. Millions of small business are flying to the cloud – some adopting digital technology for the first time. 147 more words

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To Cloud or Not To Cloud?

Public Cloud is mainstream. Undoubtedly. Whether it’s AWS or Microsoft Azure, it feels great to push a few buttons, run out to grab a coffee and somewhere, somehow a server is spun up and by the time you return, it’s up and running with your database, web server all configured. 241 more words

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