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The Spirit of Paranoia

Paranoia – a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of… 1,513 more words

Nobody vs Somebody

The fear of being a Nobody in this society is more intensely lived out than the prospect of becoming Somebody. What needs to be realised is that both concepts are one and the same. 164 more words

validating the circle to a circle of 'fuck you validation' is the giant 'how to do'.

In today’s time and age where every single action of yours is scrutinised and seen, there is no place to hide. What I have noticed is there is no place for you to form yourself, to be or to become a You- a unique and distinctive person. 366 more words

Friday’s Focus—Revel

Refuse to let your life get pinched down

and become small by other people’s expectations and judgments.


I never knew what love could do

Today I learnt that whoever is going to dislike you, will do so regardless of what you do to change their mind about it
Whoever is going to love you will do so regardless of what you do to change their mind about it… 31 more words

Personal Blues


staples pierced shut
line vertically
nauseating feeling
labia in
asshole maggots
rot the keys
plummet deep
inside of me
covered till
I hardly breathe… 38 more words

Eff It Days

Today, I just wanna flip my desk and walk out.

And go where?  I have no idea.  Johnny Appleseed it across the planet, I suppose. 787 more words

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