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4 Bible Verses for Repairing YourSelf-Image

What happened to her? I can hardly recognize her anymore. Her sweet, pure, child-like
beauty has changed into a done-up mannequin with an awful spray tan. 424 more words


Trump approval rating sets new record - for low

Gallup- Job approval upon hitting 60 days in office:
Carter 75
Reagan 60
HW Bush 56
Clinton 53
W Bush 58
Obama 63

Trump… 37…

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Success…or faithfulness?

When was at primary school, my best friend was called Dave. As there were at least six Dave’s in our class (including him and me), the odds were forever in his favour. 715 more words

Personal Thoughts

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Trolling Trump Over Low Approval Ratings

Schwarzenegger and Trump are back at it.

The two Celebrity Apprentice hosts have been in an on-going Twitter beef for a few months now. Their… 172 more words



Bunch: (n) a number of things, typically of the same kind, growing or fastened together.

There is a three-step process, and you will be happier if you understand that only two of them usually… 227 more words

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An Acrostic About Approval DAY 20/31 March SOL

Awaiting comments for satisfaction

Praise comes with effort…right?

Pulled down when no feedback is given

Rollercoaster of emotions after posting

O… 252 more words


Joseph Series: Dressed for Success

Joseph was robbed of his identity as the favoured son; they stole his coat to show it.

Joseph refused to be identified as a traitor and an adulterer; he abandoned his cloak to prove it. 266 more words