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“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

Genesis 1:31

How would you describe all that God has made?

It’s easy to marvel. 249 more words


OPT, H1-B and other good stuffs

United States’ systems are complicated. Extremely complicated.

H1-B 2017 petition and change of status (COS) on behalf of me was accepted last week. Now, I’m planning to return home after a few years and honestly, I am very concerned about the visa stamping. 573 more words

My Story

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Let go of needing their approval and start loving yourself!

“There is sometimes, and we think it’s a good thing, a rebellion that sort of comes up within you, that says “I am not going to behave the way you think that you need me to behave, in order for you to approve of me.” Because there’s a very deep part of you that understands, that… 42 more words

How To Allow

State responds to looming deadline of Hawaiian Electric-NextEra deal

With a big deadline looming and possible interest in another company, what will NextEra Energy do about its proposed deal with Hawaiian Electric?

NextEra can walk away from its proposed takeover after June 3. 305 more words