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Measuring up

Recently, I found out about the ring test which tells you how many kids you will have in the future. You put a chain in the center of your hand a raise it up and if it spins back and forth its a girl and if it goes in a circle its a boy. 750 more words


How can I allow myself to be empty and still?

How can I be here now

without apprehension,

fear or self doubt?

How can I be with others

without concern for their

acceptance or approval? 58 more words


Could You Be Part of a 4am Conspiracy?

It’s 4am on a Saturday. I think about the TED talk by poet Rives detailing his theory about four in the morning and all the references to it in films, songs, and other works of art. 577 more words

HECO 'reviewing' solar applications on Molokai, approvals in question

While Hawaiian Electric has been approving thousands of rooftop solar permits, some are concerned about Molokai.

For the past five months, the utility has cleared the queue for Maui and the Big Island, and will do the same for Oahu next month, achieving its goal. 305 more words


Fear: The Silent Joy Thief

Over the next few weeks, I want to look at three habits that feed off one another and how each of these practices were spoken against by Jesus. 1,227 more words