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She asked me tonight, “doesn’t your hairdresser ask if you want your hair permed any more?” No Mom, I like it this way, straighter. “Well I really don’t care for it” she said.   328 more words

Creative Writing And Poetry

Don’t Let Others Live Your Life!

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Many allow others to live their lives for them. They are dominated by what others think and say. 285 more words


Surrender and Gratitude...and a Lion Tamer.

I am one of those Sun Tzu “Art of War” types — the best defense is a good offense — hit it early and hard, and don’t give up pressing against your foe.  769 more words


Lightening the Load {FMF: Hide}

I laid approval on the altar.

Literally. We were prompted to lay down one thing that would keep us from being who God intends us to be. 603 more words

One Faith

Boost of the day #19

Happy Friday! Let’s aim today to not give a damn about what people think because we already know how great we are, and why rely on others to validate that?

You Don't Have to Understand

The media firestorm that’s surrounding Bruce Jenner’s gender identification is predictable. People love to scrutinize things that they don’t understand. Based on a lot of public commentary, many feel as though he’s a freak. 214 more words