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Sub-Tropical/Mediterranean Climate Species

This is a list of sub-tropical and mediterranean plant species that we readily use in our projects.


Abies spp. (several dozen species of fir) 568 more words


Coconut and Apricot Granola

Granola should come with a user-warning about how highly addictive a food it is.  I love it alone as an afternoon snack, for breakfast along with some warmed non-dairy milk, for dessert with fresh fruit and yogurt or ice cream and as a baking ingredient added to cookies, cakes and crumbles in place of regular rolled oats. 378 more words


Apricot and coconut balls

Remember our recipe for Power balls? Well, I couldn’t resist making a variation and what’s better than the combination of apricot and coconut? Buttery apricot and toasted coconut, of course. 179 more words


Honningkage Med Smørcreme - Honey Cake With Buttercream

Honningkager are thought to be from Christiansfeld in the southern of Denmark and started gaining popularity around 1783. For many, they are associated with Christmas but I would be perfectly happy eating them year round. 485 more words



Over the holidays Apricot had been looking into Senior Care Facilities as a retirement residence.  None had met her list of requirements: cozy fireplace, electric can openers, Micro, dishwasher, secure cat door, on-site Vet, self cleaning litter boxes, continuous fresh water, and Bay windows with southern exposure.  19 more words

Lidl Amaretto Morbido Con Farina

I could very easily have titled this post Lidl Italian Soft Almond Macaroons With Flour but where’s the fanciness in that? That is what they are after all, purchased in Lidl wayyy back in Italian Week in the hopes of being anything like the Greek biscuits I fell in love with on my honeymoon and have evaded me ever since. 265 more words