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Mom made awesome apricot jam and yogurt pie

My mom made a really good pie yesterday. Like, seriously, this pie is one of the best pies I have ever tasted. She took some homemade apricot jam that my dad made, mixed it with… vanilla? 178 more words

Apricot, forget me not


Forget me not

The empty cot

The killer robot.

Phrases that until today I never expected to see together.

One lives, one learns, one dies.


Quiz: Which Neko Atsume Cat are You? (3)

Yes. I am doing another one. The only reason I am is because there is a new update, which now makes the game have a total of 56 cats altogether. 204 more words


Warm Apricot & Ginger Rice Salad with Tamari-Splashed Garlic Mushrooms

This was born on a very chilly, wet and windy July day a few days after I had finished a 7 day juice challenge. I had been having salads since, and this was my first fully cooked meal. 319 more words

Thank you Mrs Howarth..

Where did it all begin, this love of fragrance?

I was the child who gathered rose petals, squashed them and placed them in water.

There were deep red velvety English roses in the front garden at my childhood home that my mum loved because the smell was so heady and rich and we used to smell them together. 370 more words


Mango & Apricot Smoothie

Helloooo! This is my first blog post in a while, so please excuse the rustiness! This is such an easy recipe, and it is more of a source of smoothie inspiration, for your own inventions, than it is a set of instructions. 55 more words


Tsubako's Sake Fruit Salad


無塩アーモンド150g: 150 g unsalted almond
オレンジ2個: 2 oranges
種なしプルーンもしくはプラム100g: 100g  dried pitted prune/plum
酒100ml : 100 ml sake
イチゴ 150g : 150 g strawberries… 74 more words