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Chickpea Curry with Figs and Apricot

I had such a craving for Indian spices. It happens to me, maybe once a week, where I’m yearning for the warmth and the brightness of these wonderful spices.  253 more words


Apricot Coconut Bliss Balls

I came up with this recipe as a great way to use up the leftover coconut from making coconut milk. As I hate to waste food, these moreish little balls beautifully balance the sweetness of the flaked coconut and delicate tang of the dried apricots. 74 more words


Charity Dog Show

The groomers where we take Darcy and Dylan held a dog show in aid of a local children’s charity. My family and I took our three dogs. 110 more words


Colorful Foods Friday - Yellow & Orange Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Happy Friday!

What will you load your plate with today? Perhaps something orange or yellow?

The following foods contain an abundance of antioxidants, which, as you likely know, can  safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged. 7 more words


Apricot Menace

A while ago, one of the white walls of my ballet studio was painted a distressing shade of apricot. Not that I have anything against bright colours in general or apricot in particular, but I do firmly believe that colour in interior decoration should be used for aesthetic effect. 442 more words

Apricot and almond tart

How I love summer and especially summer markets! Everything is so colourful and so inviting at this time of year. Ripe green olives, sweet and soft fruit, fragrant herbs and lavender from the countryside… I feel so lucky to live in a region where it’s so easy to have access to so many fresh and varied products! 518 more words


Grilled Apricot Curry Glazed ShrimpReally nice recipes. Every hour.

Grilled Apricot Curry Glazed ShrimpReally nice recipes. Every hour.