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Apricot hazelnut stuffing balls

These stuffing balls are a little treat! We had a roast dinner at the weekend, so i just whipped up these little beauties to go with the pork- so easy, so delicious!! 136 more words


Apricot cake

A tad sweet but tasty in the sense that it has that fruity flavour of apricots.

Can be prepared in a jiffy as it uses self raisingflour and oil . 230 more words



The fruit trees are doing things. Good, fruity things. From the dining room window I have been eyeing up the developing apricot fruits with beady eyes. 353 more words


Cranberry Apricot Bread

Today was a totally wasted day and I am okay with that. I slept till noon which isn’t a bad thing considering I usually only sleep about 3-4 hours a night lately. 193 more words

Quick Breads And Muffins


It’s  my mum’s best friend’s birthday!! Well it was yesterday, but I was busy so the florentines will have to be made today.

They’re her absolute favourites, so I figured it would only be appropriate to make them for her, and, of course, she loved them!  182 more words