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More Often To Do Than Lying/Where's Your Home?

Lost in the track
I think you’ve lost your sense of thinking
Now you’re back
I knew that you have to do much more than lying… 143 more words


Footwashing III 30.04.07

30-4-07                            Footwashing III                                                                 166

We continue to correct ourself and others,and after  consulting John editors today forsee further revision tomorrow. Another instance where we move further from Bultmann.We have consulted his references in both the Theology NT and History ST his every comment wide of the mark. 1,070 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Notes to Footwash 29.04.07

29-4-07                      Notes to Footwash                                                          164

Rereading both John 13  and my  comment I find  the latter stands, and as usual unacceptable to Xian response. There is much more to be done,  as textual criticism, and in relating the physical content of the rite to its religious thesis. 1,006 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Washing Feet 28.04.07

28-4-07                         Washing Feet                                                             162

Theré´s no substitute for the flesh,it has to be known . You may make of it ,from it, what you will of significance,but with it you must begin and what you leanr defined by its nature,appearance. 1,175 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Letter: Dear Ed 27.04.07

27 April, 2007-

Dear Ed,

I have been most remiss in not replying to your most welcome letters,and this will hardly do as recompense, since it will seem an act of self-advertising,Yet the enclosures hav e an immediate relevance. 440 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

What as Who 26.04.07

26-4-07                                 What as Who                                                 160

We have not done  with contradictions, impersonality expressed as personality today´s . By way of preface,however, we try to relate our theses to historic tradition and current argument in regard to it.It is clear enough that our demand to apprehend a natural self in relation to its formation,as idea and fact,  to what is responsible for its very nature , that it move,sees, diagrams redraws the  relation of man to god,or of any effect to its divine provision, the capacity of any mind to the beneficence of divine mind..How we depart from that tradition is again to be defined—though we have summed it many times—but our alignment with it makes us share its believers despair before the emptiness of life as effect per se,the confinement within the instinct of the segregated self, the disappearance of the sense of phenomenon, what´s appearing as a show,a great show ,  and reading it,or any part, as devised for its part in the show  regret even the change from street and market  in moving within high stone walls enclosing.a sensation of relation to another world, its decisions,its ever pressing  power. 927 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Who´s Who ? 25.04.07

25-4-07                                     Who´s Who  ?                                               158

What constructs them is performing as their life and consciousness. Is that correct ? Or an answer rhetorically forced to escape from a dilemma ?  1,207 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett