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April A to Z Challenge - Letter P

PVC pipes

Although PVC pipes may not seem like they are a good background material, they can definitely be used.  I always thought it would be cool to make a background out of all different sizes and lengths of PVC pipes put together like: 180 more words


Packing List

Drag out the duffel bag

And stuff it until the zipper

Pinches your new clothes

For the harsh winters you aren’t used to.

Slide in a few photos from high school, 85 more words


April A to Z Challenge - Letter O

Organic Fibers

This post goes along with the Letter G- Great Stuff & Gorilla Glue post as items you can put on top of the great stuff & gorilla glue.  101 more words



When did “overachiever” become a pejorative to be spat at people while they balance studying, work, and extracurricular commitments?

I started seeing this culture in high school. 244 more words


April A to Z Challenge - Letter N

After yesterday’s theme of mixed methods and materials, today’s theme is no background.

No background

No background tanks are normally found in larger tanks that have some sort of centerpiece to them.   124 more words


Networking: Meaningful in Moderation

Today I’m featuring another A-Z Challenge guest blogger. Welcome Catherine from Never Stationary!

Networking seems to be both inevitable and essential to my daily life here in college. 366 more words


April A to Z Challenge - Letter M

We have made it to the halfway point! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited thus far and made this challenge a success! 216 more words