What I Like About You #AtoZChallenge

Y is for You.

As in, the other half in what makes this whole blog “thing” work.

Y is for the blogging community and in particular some of the new bloggers I have met through this A to Z challenge. 1,050 more words

Personal Reflection

At X There be Pirates!

So X marks the moment I lost it over Pirate Camp.

Over March Break this year both my girls went to Pirate Camp.


I loved the swashbuckling theme and fun. 760 more words


W Must be for Winx Club - The Sequel

So, the number one post on this blog to date is one where I share my thoughts on these here fae:

My eldest fell in love with them when she was five. 865 more words

Mother's Musings

V is for View-Master

So this is a bit of an odd one.

Back in 2015 I wrote about finding my kids one morning at the breakfast table fighting over a View-Master. 665 more words

Mother's Musings

I Hear They Dance on Rainbows...

If you are still puzzled, here’s a short video:

U is for Unicorns.

They are a big deal in little girl world.

From My Little Pony… 484 more words

Mother's Musings

Suitable Terrarium Plants – T

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out… 289 more words

April A To Z Challenge

For T, I Got This Feeling...

…inside my bones.

It goes electric wavy when I turn it on…

Because it’s the glitter bomb that just won’t quit chez nous, T is for  363 more words

Mother's Musings