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April Fool's Day

1st of April everyone enjoys a good practical joke and the Irish are particularly good at them, but did you know that Drogheda was the subject of one of the largest and craziest ever performed? 188 more words

Day 24: April Fool's Day

Halloween Every Day (for a Month)

By Andrew Neil Cole

Day 24: April Fool’s Day (1986).      

(The following contains SPOILERS. You might not want to read beyond this point if you haven’t seen… 929 more words


Simpsons Did It!: "So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show"

The clip show is one of those TV episodes where there’s a bare sketch of a plot that is mostly there as an excuse to run clips from past episodes.   195 more words

Movies & TV

China can't take a joke

Story by: Carly McWilliams, staff writer
Photo by: Amanda Wiggins, staff photographer

China caused a controversy this past April 1 when their state media declared a ban on April Fools jokes. 97 more words


April Roundtable on April Fools'

What’s sizzling visitors? The S.A.S.S. here and you’re just in time for the April Roundtable. Since the public was a bit too shy to chime in, I called on some of the usual suspects to put their spin on this question. 505 more words

Rising Thoughts

Best ways to Prank your Friends and Family

  1. Send someone an envelope full of glitter. Trust me, this is genius. Glitter get’s everywhere. It might even get in someone’s eyes and blind them so make you don’t like the person you send this to.  
  2. 222 more words

Google's Epic April Fool's Day Fail

Google is well known for it’s annual tradition of rolling out April Fool’s day jokes. This year, it had backfired in epic proportions!

With what would appear to be a standard new button to Gmail, Google introduced a “drop the mic” button as a way of sending emails. 12 more words