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Interesting History of September 1752

एक बार आप September 1752 के कैलेंडर पर नज़र दौडाएं :

इस कैलेंडर में क्या कुछ special नज़र आया आपको? क्या कुछ abnormality दिखाई दी आपको इस September 1752 के कैलेंडर में? 70 more words

Motivating Stories In Hindi

We Need To Talk About Happy Endings' "New Day"

Happy Endings fans – we need to talk about the show. If you’re not a Happy Endings fan, you are missing one of the greatest things that has ever happened to television so stop reading this right now and go out and buy the DVDs of all three seasons and binge watch until you look like Max hibernating in his apartment. 1,012 more words


April Fool's Day

Film Title

April Fool’s Day


Fred Walton


  • Deborah Foreman as Muffy St. John
  • Amy Steel as Kit
  • Ken Olandt as Rob
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Arch…
  • 987 more words
Movie Reviews

Los Inocentes (AKA Bloody April Fool's) (2013)

Written and directed by Carlos Alonso-Ojea, Didac Cervera, Marta Diaz de Lope Diaz, Laura Garcia, Eugeni Guillem, Ander Iriarte, Marc Martinez, Ruben Montero, Arnau Pons, Marc Pujolar and Miguel Sanchez. 223 more words


An April 1st To Remember

Earlier this evening, I had a long phone call from an old friend of mine, someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since the early 1980s. 463 more words

Current Affairs

Fool's Day

My bare feet are slick with dew as I walk across the Jones’ lawn.  The moon glitters down on the lake and the crickets create a symphony of chirps. 658 more words

Everything Written So Far

Negotiating Netflix 2016: Vol 9 - April Fools Day, Starry Eyes, Rogue, The Reef, Clue

Negotiating Netflix at times can feel like Theseus traversing the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, full of twists, turns and false hopes. But alas we’re here with our trusty guide on what to watch, and what to avoid on Netflix, risking films so you don’t have to. 1,350 more words

Negotiating Netflix