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Negotiating Netflix 2016: Vol 9 - April Fools Day, Starry Eyes, Rogue, The Reef, Clue

Negotiating Netflix at times can feel like Theseus traversing the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, full of twists, turns and false hopes. But alas we’re here with our trusty guide on what to watch, and what to avoid on Netflix, risking films so you don’t have to. 1,350 more words

Negotiating Netflix

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“The Science of Illusion” Season 1, Episode 20

Britta attempts to prove that she has a good sense of humor by pulling an April Fools prank, but when it goes horribly wrong she attempts to cover her tracks by blaming Jeff. 102 more words




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This is an OK horror that, like it’s inspiration… 379 more words

Tomb Of Nostalgia

April Fools Day ( Snow Day Trick)

In April Fools Day this year, after the kids went to bed, we had the idea to dress up the kids. So, we took one of Abby’s old dresses and put them on Aiden while he was sleeping and we took my work shirt tie and pants and put it on Abby over her PJs.   260 more words

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SIX OF THE BEST... from 20 years ago

When you declutter your house, you go through all your old boxes. Sometimes you find your school newspapers from 20 years ago. And sometimes you discover that you’re still doing the same thing you used to do way back then. 12 more words


Fooled You Once: Red Tricycles's Best April Fool's Jokes

Here at Red Tricycle we like a good chuckle as much as anyone, which is why we’ve got a sneaky habit of playing April Fools Day jokes on our readers. 338 more words

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Taking the proverbial (Part Deux)

Last week, I wrote a post all about French expressions to do with food and the animal world.

You’ll find everything in it from cute sayings and curious proverbs to ones that are just very, very strange. 867 more words