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Friday Favorites–April Fool’s Day

I thought since April Fool’s Day is coming up next week, it might be fun to round up some ideas for you. I’m not a big jokester, so I don’t have any in my own bag of tricks, but oh boy are there some creative people out there when it comes to pranks. 402 more words


Try These Simple April Fools Day Pranks On Your Kids!

April Fools day is coming up! Do you feel the need to get back at your kids for the mess they left in the living room the other day, or for breaking their curfew? 151 more words


April Fool's Day and Autism

It has been a very long time since I have written anything and this blog post has been in my head for a year since last April Fool’s day, so I have to get it out there. 315 more words

Yank Their Chains: April Fools' Day Blogging

April Fools’ Day is not a new invention: the first recorded instance of pranksterism is over 300 years old. In 1698, Dawks’s News-Letter reported that “several persons were sent to the Tower Ditch to see the Lions washed.” The Tower of London’s moat was (and is) lion-free, but suggesting that people visit the Tower for the “washing of the lions” remained a popular prank for several hundred years. 1,058 more words


April Fool's Day is Almost Here!

Don’t forget that April Fool’s Day 2015 is next Wednesday! Have you already figured out activities or your teacher prank to knock the socks off your students? 40 more words

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Dressve April Fool's Day Reviews

2015 April Fool’s Day is coming, do you have any ideas to fool others? On this day, we are very happy when someone is fooled by us successfully, but sometimes the person we fooled may be annoyed. 202 more words

#Reviews For Dressve

Can We Not With April Fool's Day

As a kid I looked forward to April Fool’s Day solely as a result of Nickelodeon magazine. If you’re a 90s kid, you remember this publication. 1,021 more words