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You Need to Hear this! 3/29/16

Does that weird giggling in the background remind anyone else of  Evil Dead, or is it just me?

Song In My Head #26: "Laisse Tomber Les Filles" by France Gall

I first heard this 1964 classic on a mix tape sent to me by Lost In The Grooves co-editor David Smay when I was in college. 81 more words

It’s Friday! I have no reviews written. That means it’s music day. Some are in high rotation on my ipod.  Some are songs I’ve been introduced to lately.

62 more words
Free-For-All Friday

Song of The Day: Forever Pavot - Joe & Rose feat Catherine Hershey

Digging this Parisian group, whose Facebook page lists their genre as “Pop 60’s Psych Library Soundtrack Prog”, and I gotta say, they definitely nail that vibe. 49 more words

Song Of The Day