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May Flowers

There’s an old saying that goes “April showers bring May flowers.”  Actually, the entire proverb goes something like, “March winds and April showers bring May flowers and June bugs.”  It is a lesson in patience.  452 more words


April Showers Bring May Flowers

This spring, the flowers in Chicago, and everywhere it seems, have been especially beautiful. I’m not sure if they are actually more abundant or more colorful than previous years, or if I am just allowing myself to take them in from a different perspective. 411 more words



There used to a wet season and a hot season, and they didn’t much overlap. Now is supposed to be hot, sauna hot: 35C is normal, and much higher is possible. 377 more words


Soma: Bloomington

Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017

Stormy springtimes mean that in the span of a cup of coffee there’ll be uneasy grey skies…

…and glorious golden light a minute later. 7 more words

April Showers

On April 1st of last year (2016) we played a little April Fools Day prank on our customers, debuting our “newest print” – a white and pale blue toile (pronounced twahl) patterned diaper featuring naked cherubs “watering” the flowers around them. 213 more words

Lalabye Baby

Spring's emotions

It’s one of those bitter Spring days. One of rain and a chill that seeps into your marrow. The leaves are unfurling, flowers are everywhere, but I’m not about to go appreciate them. 238 more words

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