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Hollywood Glitter Kitty

I dress like a mannequin, speak like a faucet,
I got three rocks in my pocket, a broken window
in my future, and my tattoos are leaving… 185 more words


3. The Seasons

Vienna, Austria

I took a class in Vienna about the current art exhibitions in the city. In this class we went to dozens of museums around the city, I saw buildings in Vienna I never would have be able to have seen had I not taken this class. 198 more words

ARC August {2016}

Hey guys!

Not gunna lie. ARC April was pretty much a bust. I only read 3.5 books, out of my pledged 5. Hopefully this time around, I will hit my goal! 112 more words


April 146/365

July 24, 2016
A sunset in Punta Gorda, FL. Nature is so amazing! I love the colors I witnessed within 15 minutes of watching the sun be hidden behind the ocean.


16 April 1928

Ottawa is known for its long, snowy winters. Notwithstanding this, driving conditions are typically good throughout the season. Even through the worst blizzards, the snow ploughs, salters and sanders are out promptly, keeping Ottawa’s thoroughfares open, and the traffic moving. 1,815 more words