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april 23

through as its own air

and welcome

and better as its own choice

and held

as its own time

and require

and dance

as its own amazing… 46 more words

Day 22:  
 30 gallon: 
 Salinity: 1.021 ppt 
 Water Temperature: 84°F 
 PH: 8.4 
 NH₃/NH₄⁺: 0 ppm 
 NO₂⁻: 0 ppm 
 NO₃⁻: 0 ppm 
 5 gallon: 
 Salinity: 1.026 ppt (will add more water tomorrow)
 PH: 8.2 
 NH₃/NH₄⁺: 0 ppm 
 NO₂⁻: 0 ppm 
 NO₃⁻: 0 ppm 
 Comments: Waiting for tank to cycle

Setelah sekian

Dear Bija,

Terakhir posting entah kapan dan sekarang berniat posting tapi engga tau mau cerita apa. Mungkin mulai dengan status baru sebagai CPNS ya, bukan sebagai isteri orang #mulaibaper #haha. 113 more words


Blue Spot Heavenation Night

Its another scratchy something with the illustruos dj walexzy.

Heavenation Night is for the 27th day of April.

Come enjoy yourself under the cool and cozy environment offers by blue spot cafe in the heart of Morocco, SHOMOLU. 6 more words

Blue Spot Café

My Week in Review: Apr. 16-22

It’s finals week at Emerson, so I don’t have a lot of time to sit and watch much. I got around to watching a movie I love, one that fell between the cracks, another that’s universally loved, and one that is a theatrically successful trash heap. 636 more words

Casey Campbell

Devons BDay

This post is written for someone I love dearly! I am sure he would LOVE for me to talk about how we first met and how much I looooove him BUT I will skip the mushy love stuff and save him from having to post a barf gif in the comments. 1,181 more words