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Superfood Store

Store Fifteen
15 Main Street Mornington

(Visited April ’17)

Breakfast. I mean, it’s a lazy and rich man’s prerogative to have someone else make him breakfast, right? 1,603 more words

Baby Girl

Pictures, Pretty Please

Family and friends, please send your pictures of April to dwlara9@hotmail.com. You are also welcome to leave a reply in the comments or provide them directly to Damian or Ryta. (Pictures will not be returned.)


06222018 friday

my mind often wanders off and starts thinking on its own when talking to certain people, my brain is separated from my body and leaves me delusional. 80 more words


The Homestretch – Bomet County Spatial Plan

Bomet County Government with the support of WWF-Kenya is set to be the second devolved unit to develop and institute the all-important County spatial plan that will inform sustainable land and natural resource usage in the region. 206 more words


Mabuhay Magazine April 2006

MABUHAY MAGAZINE featuring Calicoan Island.

Committee Structure and Updates April 2018

Our organization is physician-led and professionally managed. The Board of Managers consists of two representatives from each member system and a few advisors. 

Our Committees are made up of representatives from each Local Chapter who support implementation of Affirmant initiatives at the Super Clinically Integrated Network level and also have similar roles at their Local Chapters. 40 more words



the conceptual definition of humanity is to progress the race, but how often has humanity fallen behind instead of moving forward? repetitive advances allow the future to withstand hope but with these righteous beliefs of taboo thoughts leak into society harassing the mind of naive. 72 more words