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Day 1 #ZamboangaTour

Yes, after months I’m active again in writing.
now, here’s the continuing post from the #ZamboTour2015.

Upon arrival at the Infantry Division, we head down to the social hall for the 40th anniversary of the said infantry. 376 more words

#ExquisiteJourneysOfStepCris #ZamboangaTour

April 30: Madam Idiom

Madam Idiom walked into The Room of Construction right on time. The twenty one construction workers waiting inside fell silent. From behind her desk at the far end of the room, Madam Idiom cleared her throat and sang sweetly, “We will be constructing a new one today, pumpkins,” 176 more words


April 29: Love Unlocked

When she heard the love padlocks on Pont des Arts, across The Seine, were being taken down, she gasped. Locking their love and throwing the key into the river was one of the highlights of their honeymoon two years ago. 113 more words


April 28: Almost

Her night time reading doesn’t last long that night. Near the middle of the novel, the heart-broken protagonist thinks to himself that ‘almost’ is perhaps the saddest word ever to exist. 87 more words


April 27: The Plant

“Vishu, is it supposed to grow this fast? Almost like it wants to come in…”

“Don’t be paranoid, sweetheart.”


April 26: Do Nothing

Let’s not go to the pub tonight. Let’s not go out at all.
I don’t want to drink expensive hangovers.
Let’s play Open Scrabble here instead. 49 more words


April 25: Remember?

Remember our beach? Remember how you stood on my feet at sunrise that day? The day we decided to name ‘Super Love Day’. You stood on my feet, hugging me tight, and we made footsteps together. 45 more words