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Apropos of Everything.........Good Morning Internet ~

I’ve been so ill for so long……………more on that later.

But in the meantime~

(Taken from my backstair case this morning twilight 5:15 am)

Morning twilight has broken. 18 more words

Apropos Of Nothing

Unclog the pipes

I don’t give a shit about cats but only the 10 seconds (where I start the video) where Ed is using his “write bad songs”/”unclog the pipes” analogy… 142 more words

Apropos Of Nothing

Apropos of Nothing~ I'm TOTALLY....................

Addicted to these Black Pepper Pea Harvest Snaps – they are light weight, crunchy, spicy and (somewhat) better for one than traditional potato chips and other more sundry snacks (looking at your Cheetos – though Trump cured me of them) that I like and shouldn’t eat. 31 more words

Apropos Of Nothing

"Don't be an idiot..."

“… I bugged the Scotch bottle.”

“Don’t be an idiot. I bugged the Scotch bottle.” 13 more words

How We Play Chess

SNAFU Of The Day and a PSA To Dental Practices Everywhere ~


I have myself some dental implants, one of which has been giving me some issues, so I journeyed to my implant guy (who I usually only see about once a year) for a check and make sure everything in impant land is A-OK.   361 more words

Apropos Of Nothing

Good Morning Internet~

This gerber daisy sends you a kiss and the wish that  America will refrain bombing someone today.

Here’s to hope.


Apropos Of Nothing

Today's Snafu.......This One In The Studio

Every day it’s something and today it was

in my studio.

In case you can’t tell, it was a bookshelf.  I know, I know, it looks as if it was pretty damn weak to begin with.   221 more words

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