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Then the laundry: what comes after the PR

I’ve had a superlatively good training cycle over the few weeks. There’s no getting around it. It started off rocky and I had a moment or two where I spoke quiet words to myself about integrity, goals, and said terse things like “get your fucking shit together, Hood,” and things picked up rapidly from there. 1,148 more words

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The Science of Retractions

I have an odd affinity for the “corrections and retractions” section of periodicals. Maybe it comes from being a copy editor at my shitty little boarding school newspaper, or – more likely – I’m just weird. 1,136 more words

Feed Your Head

“_______________ is an artist affiliated with M.I.T.“

I’ve just decided that anything having to do with M.I.T. is suspect out of the gate, and that it simply makes me feel better to be openly hostile and ridiculously unreasonable about a place that I still also totally love. 481 more words

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Just a THANK YOU!/update/other words

Here – catch:  a heart-felt (and probably painfully loud so you might wanna step back a bit…a little more…a little…ok, that should be about right) 374 more words

Systems, go!

My friend Andrew (http://designsmithnl.com) is a pretty smart guy. He helps companies develop processes and systems so that they work more efficiently and with better quality results and products. 1,391 more words

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A Daughter

I remember when I first laid eyes on Katherine, when they first put her, wrapped in a green blanket and pink cap, into my shaking arms and I remember vividly that first night when we stared at each other for hours. 992 more words

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RANDOM AUDIO: Avian Flu Outbreak obsession


Influenza, in all its forms, is the master of mutation, making it irresistible to a “bug” junkie like me. So when the 2014-2015 outbreak swept across the country, mutating as it went, and in the end causing 48± million birds to be euthanized, with portable incinerators carted from commercial poultry factory to commercial poultry factory still unable to keep up, I was obsessed. 170 more words

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