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New toy....Yaesu VX8DR

I’ve been a ham radio operator for 30+ years.  I earned my initial call back in the 80’s in Muncie, Indiana, and have kept it and kept active ever since. 226 more words

A STEM Learning Project for Young People

As some of you may already know, Anita and I have been working with our local Radio Club on a project to promote STEM learning and interest in Amateur Radio among young people in our area. 314 more words


APRS Objects

This week we added Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) object scripts to both of our IRLP nodes.  This adds an object to the map showing IRLP-4122 and IRLP-3013 at the tower site on the map. 233 more words


Launch video and data of OZHAB01

Here’s the video of OZHAB01 being launched from Barmedman  NSW as well as other data I have collated so far

Unfortunately I have not yet recovered the payload of OZHAB01 so I am unable to provide any of the on board collected data. 244 more words

Making contacts through the ISS APRS UHF Digipeater

John Brier KG4AKV has released a video showing his contact through the International Space Station packet radio digipeater on 437.550 MHz FM (+/-10 kHz Doppler shift). 292 more words

Daily Updates

aprs.fi moving to TLS

A few months ago, I tweeted Heikki to inform him that I was no longer able to geolocate on aprs.fi.  This turned out to be a problem elsewhere (ie not my end!) however the problem was more “all-encompassing” and would affect all users of the site.   25 more words

UBSEDS21 Balloon To Test 145.825 MHz APRS

On Sunday, December 11 Bristol SEDS students launched UBSEDS21 a 434 MHz Contestia and 144/145 MHz APRS solar powered balloon that may travel around the world. 427 more words

Daily Updates