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Road Hog

Our world is awash in technologies that in some way touch upon, or originate with, ham radio. Whether it is wireless internet, or GPS, many of our technologies owe something to ham radio. 636 more words


Update on APRS

About a year ago I got APRS working with a Baofeng radio, a Easy Digi interface from N5CEY and a surplus iPhone running PocketPacket. I basically set it up, tested it and put it away.  101 more words

Ham Radio

After a couple weeks with the Yaesu VX8DR

After a couple of weeks with the VX8DR, I’ve had some time to play with it, get used to it, and post more complete thoughts on it. 414 more words

Happy Pi Day

Is this a thing? Pi day? How have I not heard of this before?? Well, I did some research (Google, thank you for not making me work too hard for it!), and yep, its a thing. 221 more words

New toy....Yaesu VX8DR

I’ve been a ham radio operator for 30+ years.  I earned my initial call back in the 80’s in Muncie, Indiana, and have kept it and kept active ever since. 226 more words

A STEM Learning Project for Young People

As some of you may already know, Anita and I have been working with our local Radio Club on a project to promote STEM learning and interest in Amateur Radio among young people in our area. 314 more words


APRS Objects

This week we added Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) object scripts to both of our IRLP nodes.  This adds an object to the map showing IRLP-4122 and IRLP-3013 at the tower site on the map. 233 more words