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APRS Repeaters Get the Signal Out of Mammoth Cave

APRS Cave-Link uses the amateur radio’s Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) inside caves to get their position data (and other messages) out.

Imagine that you’re coordinating a large scale search-and-rescue mission in a cave. 361 more words

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Fall 2015 10 Meter RP Port Update

Given where we are at in this solar cycle, some have been asking about the future of the 10 meter Robust Packet port on the KYPN Packet BBS. 535 more words

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Tiny Radio Tracks Your Balloons

The name of the game in rocketry or ballooning is weight. The amount of mass that can be removed from one of these high-altitude devices directly impacts how high and how far it can go. 204 more words


DireWolf holds PTT when using KF5INZ Easy-Digi interface

I found that when using KF5INZ Easy-Digi board and DireWolf v1.2 for APRS, you will need to specify both DTR and RTS control in the DireWolf configuration file, or DireWolf will hold PTT down. 16 more words

Using KF5INZ's Easy-Digi with Baofeng UV-B5 or UV-B6 for PTT control

I wanted to interface my Baofeng UV-B6 using a K5INZ “Easy Digi” board from eBay for PTT control.

The K5INZ “Easy Digi” boards are very inexpensive interface boards, which are available on eBay. 782 more words

N1ZZZ Soon to Be off on Another /MM Adventure

Jeremy announced on Sunday evening that he will soon be off on another maritime mobile adventure as N1ZZZ on board the MV Captain Steven L. Bennett… 322 more words

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VE6AB - RPR In The Alberta Rockies

Jerry (VE6AB) was out and about in the mountains of southern Alberta this weekend. Many of the areas he was in are “no service” (LOL) for VHF APRS and thus the value of 30m robust packet APRS comes into play for his needs. 55 more words

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