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Pada artikel kali ini saya ingin membagikan perintah perintah di linux yang berguna agar sistem kita tetap terjaga.

Pada dasarnya apabila kita menginstall linux, kita diharuskan mengerti baris baris perintah yang memang berguna untuk menjaga linux kita bersih terhadap file yang sudah tidak diperlukan oleh sistem atau pun kita, serta file atau applikasi yang kita butuhkan. 108 more words


Ubuntu Missing add-apt-repository command

Problem: apt-get-repository Command is Missing

I was trying to install the latest version of oracle and I needed to add a Personal Package Archive (PPA) to the Software Sources. 49 more words


Debian 8 Jessie sources.list, missing installation sources.

Each time I install Debian Jessie or Debian 8 I notice that I can not install any software packages afterwards. I’m not sure if it is me, or the installation media, but the sources.list is missing entries. 134 more words


Ubuntu Beta APT-GET Problems

With beta versions of Ubuntu, some of the mirrors can get a little out of date which may cause problems when updating the system, or installing new applications via apt-get. 225 more words


I installed new OS - Linux Kubuntu 15.10

This OS use KDE instead Unity with Ubuntu.

KDE user interface looks like Windows 10

Also i have list of programms which i installed with apt-get install… 44 more words

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Installing GNU Toolchain on Debian/Ubuntu/Kali Linux

The GNU toolchain is the stage on which we can develop softwares in Linux. Understanding the importance of GNU toolchain, every major distribution bundles it with a package. 147 more words


Chocolatey, Apt-Get for Windows

Chocolatey  is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get in Ubuntu Linux, but built with Windows in mind. You can use Chocolatey to safely install free software in a… 33 more words

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