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How to upgrade specific package in Ubuntu

In order to upgrade a specific package in Debian-based Linux operating systems, use apt-get install and provide upgrade flag:

# apt-get install –only-upgrade <package_name>


RIP Ian Murdock

The more that I read about this the more I keep reading into “cover up” and the like.

Downloading 64-bit packages in a 32-bit Ubuntu system

You may have had situations in which the Ubuntu PC connected to Internet is a 32-bit one and all the packages you download and install using… 260 more words


apt-get error with ... for package 'linux-headers-3.2.0-60' is missing final newline

I recently clone a virtual machine image and setting up locally. When trying to install a new package through <code>apt-get</code> in Ubuntu. I ran into a strange problem of “missing final newline” in linux-headers. 133 more words

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[code]linux-headers-3.2.0-60-virtual.list[/code] caused you the problem, do the same! Just delete them (I actually just moved them to “linux-headers-3.2.0-60.list.bak" file).

Installing software on Linux without root : managing packages in user space

First step : don’t. Reconsider. There really isn’t an alternative ? Using something else that is already installed ? Sweet-talking your sysadmin into doing the installation ? 2,429 more words


Day too!

Today I covered package management for both Redhat and Debian systems. The ocd in me really hates people who pronounce Debian as dee bee in. Its fucking Deb – Ian named after the husband and wife team that created this distro! 189 more words

Newer Scala on Ubuntu 14.04

Few months ago I wanted to do introductory Scala workshop at my Lambda Lounge group. So, I went through installing Scala on my Ubuntu laptop, and guess what? 152 more words