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Part 1: Setting up TeamSpeak on a VPS on Debian 7.6 Wheezy

Many VPS owners do not allow DDOS prone or high resource processes to be run on their server.  Things like game servers are prone to ddos and use up lots of processing power.   160 more words


The Beginning

Here, we have the beginning of Linux Masonry. As stated, the site about building things via Linux. I suppose I should start addressing two questions. Why should I use Linux, and why should I read the blog that follows? 643 more words


"apt-get update" error

Sewaktu saya melakukan command “apt-get update” untuk melakukan update pada kali-linux yang saya gunakan, tiba-tiba saja command tersebut tidak berjalan semestinya, outputnya seperti berikut : 70 more words


Remove all unused kernels

As you know, everytime there is an update for the kernel, the new kernel is installed while the old one is not automaticaly uninstalled, after several kernel updates you will find a large list of old kernels in the start grub menu . 143 more words


Ubuntu update 403 error

If you are trying to run a command,

sudo apt-get update

and you receive the following error: 403  Forbidden, the problem might be the server you are downloading from is down, or connections are not currently allowed. 45 more words


Installing npm and NodeJs on Ubuntu

First of all let’s remove the npm and nodejs that comes by default with the OS
sudo apt-get purge nodejs npm
sudo apt-get update

Once you are done, install the dependency softwares by : 66 more words


Apt-get this /scratch (apt/steam cache, exim greylist, owncloud, tumblr daily post, etc)

I conveniently use, since more than 10 years, one debian package to distribute over different computers some scripts, notably all the ones published here and on… 173 more words