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What's a build-essential package?

In Debian-based Linux, a build-essential package is a package containing references to other packages and libraries that are required to build a software from source. This includes gcc(GNU C Compiler), g++(GNU C++ Compiler), make, automake, etc. 67 more words


Fixing GPG ERROR NO_PUBKEY on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently was working on installing pipelight-plugin so I could get the Unity3D plugin working on my Ubuntu desktop. Getting that working is another subject, but part way through the installation process I ran into an issue. 717 more words


Installing Linux Kernel Headers

Command on Debian-based distros:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

MySQL root password setting in Docker

When writing a Dockerfile to install MySQL in a container use the following to (silently) set the root password (avoiding the prompts during the docker image build), 98 more words


How to manually upgrade your Ubuntu/LinuxMint installation in one command

Haven’t blogged for a long time, so here is a little treat for those control freaks who want to do everything themselves. For you to upgrade your Ubuntu-based Linux distro, you have to do 2 steps: 23 more words


Upgrade problems: kernels filling up /boot

A common problem among Ubuntu distributions is a kernel upgrade that stops because there is insufficient space on something called /boot.

Linux at its core is a kernel being actively developed by… 900 more words


Install lua ubuntu using apt-get

The easiest way of installing lua in ubuntu is to use apt-get.

sudo apt-get lua5.2

then you can check if its correctly installed be using one of the following commands

lua -v


luac -v