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Install lua ubuntu using apt-get

The easiest way of installing lua in ubuntu is to use apt-get.

sudo apt-get lua5.2

then you can check if its correctly installed be using one of the following commands

lua -v


luac -v

Github: alt.sources.* rides again, on steroids.

It’s back to he days of alt.sources.*.   With the advent of github, I seem to be building my favorite tools  from sources again most of the time.   180 more words


Disable Download Translations Pada Saat apt-get update


Bagi sebagian orang yang internetnya lambat ( kasarnya miskin kuota :D ), ketika menjalankan perintah apt-get update akan merasa bahwa perintah tersebut akan memakan waktu sedikit lebih lama, padahal sebenarnya file yang didownload totalnya kurang dari 15mb-an. 103 more words

GNU/ Linux

Installing an Application on Ubuntu

This first tutorial will cover something really trivial for most *buntu users but certainly new for Windows users. I don’t know if you are reading… 2,666 more words


/etc/apt/sources.list, GNOME 3.16 release and Jessie RC2

This would be a longish post about lot of topics starting from documenting my /etc/apt/sources.list, going to various goings on with GNOME 3.16 release and Debian Jessie RC2 release. 2,788 more words


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Hola Amigos, Sharing an awesome and informative blog post about Debian sources.list, Debian-GNOME and newest release of Debian flavor - Jessie.