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Mengenal installasi software di Linux

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Pada artikel ini saya akan menshare tutorial installasi software di Linux. Secara umum tiap distro linux memiliki repository sendiri dan mempunyai packet installer sendiri.  354 more words


command line package manager in Mac and windows

Linux administrators enjoy a lot from command line tools to install, upgrade or remove packages. No need to say how much ‘apt-get‘ and ‘ 64 more words


What's a build-essential package?

In Debian-based Linux, a build-essential package is a package containing references to other packages and libraries that are required to build a software from source. This includes gcc(GNU C Compiler), g++(GNU C++ Compiler), make, automake, etc. 67 more words


Fixing GPG ERROR NO_PUBKEY on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently was working on installing pipelight-plugin so I could get the Unity3D plugin working on my Ubuntu desktop. Getting that working is another subject, but part way through the installation process I ran into an issue. 717 more words


Installing Linux Kernel Headers

Command on Debian-based distros:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

MySQL root password setting in Docker

When writing a Dockerfile to install MySQL in a container use the following to (silently) set the root password (avoiding the prompts during the docker image build), 98 more words


How to manually upgrade your Ubuntu/LinuxMint installation in one command

Haven’t blogged for a long time, so here is a little treat for those control freaks who want to do everything themselves. For you to upgrade your Ubuntu-based Linux distro, you have to do 2 steps: 23 more words