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Installing npm and NodeJs on Ubuntu

First of all let’s remove the npm and nodejs that comes by default with the OS
sudo apt-get purge nodejs npm
sudo apt-get update

Once you are done, install the dependency softwares by : 66 more words


Apt-get this /scratch (apt/steam cache, exim greylist, owncloud, tumblr daily post, etc)

I conveniently use, since more than 10 years, one debian package to distribute over different computers some scripts, notably all the ones published here and on… 173 more words


Cách khắc phục lỗi apt-get update

Trong khi sử dụng Ubuntu, câu lệnh thường xuyên phải gõ là sudo apt-get update.
Lệnh đó dùng để update các repository của các phần mềm, nhằm update, upgrade các phần mềm đó. 515 more words


Delete apt-get cache contents in Ubuntu14.04

rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

apt-get clean

apt-get autoclean

apt-get autoremove

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

ASUS X102B and second screen on Debian

I’ve stumbled upon a very capricious piece of hardware lately, which is ASUS X102B. Basic (very basic) video seem to work out of the box, but there are numerous problems here and there. 247 more words

Removing broken packages on Debian

Recently I had this issue with a Debian server.

apt-get autoremove broke some packages and I was not able to remove them either with apt-get remove… 27 more words


কীভাবে শুধু মাত্র একটি রিপোজিটরি লিস্ট আপডেট করবো?

আমরা যখন উবুন্টু বা ডেবিয়ান প্যাকেজ সিস্টেম নির্ভর কোন লিনাক্স ডিস্ট্রিবিউশন ব্যবহার করি, তখন বিভিন্ন সময়ে সফটওয়্যার ইন্সটল করার দরকার পড়লে আমরা apt-get বা Synaptic Package Manager… 105 more words