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Screen, Giữ tiến trình làm việc khi bạn tắt terminal

Chào các bác, hôm nay mình sẽ giới thiệu các bác một package khá hữu ích cho các bác trong việc quản lý, cài cắm server. 966 more words


Solve /boot getting 100% full issue on Ubuntu Servers

This is an issue affecting many Ubuntu servers. It basically happens when you enable automated security updates, multiple kernel packages get installed automatically, without removing the old ones, which gets /boot 100% full and the package manager is no longer able to function properly, showing a message complaining about dependency issues, e.g. 424 more words


Find the repository of all installed packages on Debian or Ubuntu

It turns out that there is no standard “apt” command which lists where a package was installed from. You may need this information if you have added… 165 more words


Simple ways to free up space (Ubuntu)

sudo du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove --purge
# sudo apt-get remove
sudo bleachbit

Faking a debian repository for package development

I use aptly to deliver my unofficial debian packages both to myself and others that might be interested.

However I’ve found that using aptly to do package development is a bad idea, because you can’t (by design, probably) overwrite packages in an aptly archive.  391 more words


What is the difference between apt and apt-get?

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know about the newish apt command. I’m curious to check it out. But I’m also aware that the apt-get muscle memory is so ingrained, I probably can’t use apt without heavy sedation. 10 more words


Mounting the iscsi target and checking performance.

Installing – Let’s use Debian based manager :

Apt-get install open-iscsi

Apt-get install iperf

Apt-get install nload

Scanning for targets :

Iscsiadmin -m discovery -t st -p target_ip… 154 more words