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Debian: Install VMware Tools

VMware is now recommending that you use Open-VM-Tools instead of the traditional VMware tool Linux agent. Below is the script to perform the installation from your terminal session… 20 more words

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apt-get notes

A nice summary of some apt-get commands.

# Installs the selected package from repositories listed in
# /etc/apt/sources.list
$ apt-get install <package>

# Installs the selected package from repositories listed in
# /etc/apt/sources.list
$ apt-get install <package>

# Removes the selected package from your system
$ apt-get remove <package> 

# Updates the list of packages available on the repositories listed in
# /etc/apt/sources.list
$ apt-get update

# Installs the latest available versions of all your installed software
$ apt-get upgrade

# Installs the latest available software related to your configuration
$ apt-get dist-upgrade 

# Restarts/Starts the configuration script inside the package, 
# which will bring up the menu-based dialogs in the same way as after installation
$ dpkg-reconfigure

# Prints detailed information about the software package
$ apt-cache show <package> 

# Prints information on the installed software package
$ dpkg -l <package>

# Lists all files installed by the software package
$ dpkg -L <package>

# Installs a local (.deb) file to your system
$ dpkg -i <file>

# Prints information about the software package owning <file>
$ dpkg -S <file>

# Searches apt database for packages containing <string> in their 
# name and description
$ apt-cache search <string>

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Debian: Download all dependancies using apt-get

I manage from time to time servers that are sat in a pretty restricted DMZ and when I need to download and install packages I tend to have to download them on another machine first and then perform the installation on the hosts that need the packages. 52 more words

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Debian: Debian Jessie Fail2Ban Implementation

A simple guide on how to perform an implementation of Fail2Ban on Debian Jessie for SSH.

Download and Install Fail2Ban

sudo apt-get install -y fail2ban
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Updating & Upgrading

There’s a few key commands needed to update & upgrade software, firmware and the OS running on the Raspberry Pi.

sudo apt-get update

First use apt-get update to update package lists and information about newest versions of software and their dependencies.

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10 Most Dangerous Linux Commands You Should Never Run

The internet has long been inhabited by tricksters, no-good-doers, and what are now known colloquially as trolls. We’ve all seen the too common forum post asking for help where someone insists that deleting the “system23” file is the sure-fire way of remedying the problem. 938 more words


Ubuntu APT-GET error : Could not get lock

I got following error when running apt-get on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine :

farhan@farhan-he:~/lms$ sudo apt-get update
password for farhan:
E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)

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