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‘s home now and so is Trog (when is she not?). Was setting up for a reading spree right as Oxtail showed up. Sort of pissed that I cannot read in my little corner. 133 more words


drip, likely brought on by the coffee I’m drinking to hold me over from the online order that still has not been delivered. No luck on the cello. 169 more words

[Linux] Setup & Install Git on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


One of the most popular version control systems is git. An indispensable tool in new software development is to know version control system. 523 more words



this morning. Going through the box of tissues like a pack of cigarettes (haven’t smoked one for ages).

Two small slices of (like a fat kid on a) lemon cake that I made last night, some blueberries in granola. 161 more words


potatoes, kielbasa (##? (forgot!) minutes in), shallots, oil, salt, garlic, apple chunks (30 minutes in), cilantro (post roast). Something simple like that at 400 for 42 minutes. 174 more words

APT launches new Canada and Alaska 2017 programme

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A six-star cruise and journeys taking in Eastern Canada and the USA are just some of the new highlights of luxury travel operator… 732 more words



:35. That’s when my eyes woke up. My body joined them a few minutes later. Got to sleep around midnight. I know exactly why I’m awake this morning (anxiety re work work work (the other job or work³)). 160 more words