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Faking a debian repository for package development

I use aptly to deliver my unofficial debian packages both to myself and others that might be interested.

However I’ve found that using aptly to do package development is a bad idea, because you can’t (by design, probably) overwrite packages in an aptly archive.  391 more words


Unattended software updates on Devuan

Devuan, as a fork of debian that uses sysvinit (or another– your choice), still uses debian-based utilities. I come from the Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS rpm-based family of distributions, and I struggle with the dpkg-based package management on occasion. 107 more words


Word of the Week

esprit de l’escalier: wit of the staircase : repartee thought of only too late, on the way home

I learned this on Ash Wednesday during the prayer ceremony I attended. 109 more words

Expat Life

What is the difference between apt and apt-get?

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know about the newish apt command. I’m curious to check it out. But I’m also aware that the apt-get muscle memory is so ingrained, I probably can’t use apt without heavy sedation. 10 more words


Hidden Cobra malware infects Android accessories with RAT, turns Windows machines into proxies

Hidden Cobra malware infects Android accessories with RAT, turns Windows machines into proxies

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI on Tuesday accordingly arise two new letters allegory trojan malware attributed to Hidden Cobra, aka Lazarus Group — a blackmail amateur broadly believed to be sponsored by the North Korean government. 270 more words

aptitude safe-upgrade seems to downgrade unsafe apps ?

aptitude safe-upgrade seems to downgrade unsafe apps ?

i installed openjdk-9-jdk then ran aptitude safe-upgrade and it said it would REMOVE the following packages

 # aptitude safe-upgrade
The following packages will be REMOVED: 
 ca-certificates-java{u} fonts-dejavu-extra{u} java-common{u} libatk-wrapper-java{u} libatk-wrapper-java-jni{u} 
 libice-dev{u} libpthread-stubs0-dev{u} libsm-dev{u} libx11-dev{u} libx11-doc{u} libxau-dev{u} libxcb1-dev{u} 
 libxdmcp-dev{u} libxt-dev{u} openjdk-9-jdk-headless{u} openjdk-9-jre{u} openjdk-9-jre-headless{u} 
 x11proto-core-dev{u} x11proto-input-dev{u} x11proto-kb-dev{u} xorg-sgml-doctools{u} xtrans-dev{u} 
0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 22 to remove and 0 not upgraded. 20 more words

Malware Analysis - PlugX

PlugX is commonly used by different threat groups on targeted attacks. PlugX is also refered as KORPLUG, SOGU, DestroyRAT and is a modular backdoor that is designed to rely on the execution of signed and legitimated executables to load malicious code. 2,178 more words

Malware Analysis