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Who is behind this Chinese espionage group stealing our intellectual property?

APT3 – also known as Gothic Panda, Buckeye, UPS Team and TG-0110 – was first reported in 2010 by FireEye in their report Hupigon Joins The Party… 292 more words


Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 Notes: Using apt

To list installed packages:

sudo apt list --installed

To update:

sudo apt update

To upgrade:

sudo apt upgrade -y
Ubuntu 14/16

Debian OS - Simple Backup


1. APT Packages list

dpkg –get-selections > package_list

This creates a text file (package_list) with all package installed in your system. You can edit the file if you want to delete some packages.

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Coming Soon...

In the month that APT10 rocked the world, we believe it is finally time to get to the truth behind “Advanced Persistent Threats” – large-scale Cyber attacks stealing intellectual property from Western companies. 55 more words


Create a local repository for Ubuntu 16.04LTS using apt-mirror and apache2.

To make a local repository you will need the following requirements:

  • apt-mirror package (sudo apt install apt-mirror)
  • apache2 package (sudo apt install apache2)
  • about 200GB of storage per release, per architecture…
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The Callisto Group

We’ve published a White Paper today titled: The Callisto Group.

And who/what is the Callisto Group? A good question, here’s the paper’s summary.

Heavy use of spear phishing, and malicious attachments sent via legitimate, but compromised, email accounts. 9 more words