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Cleaning up the system with pseudo-boolean optimization

You can use a PBO solver to clean up your system from unneeded automatically installed packages. First of all, you convert the system state to PB, and add an optimization function telling it to remove as many automatically installed packages as possible. 126 more words


Implicit preferences in OR dependencies

Debian packages commonly use or dependencies of the form “a | b” to mean that a or b should be installed, while preferring option a over b. 377 more words


Project APT2: new cache format and small things

I did not write much code or merge much of my prototype code, but some things happened since the last blog post about APT2 specific things in August and I forgot to write about them. 554 more words


The Three Levels of Package Management

In today’s Linux distributions, there are usually two to three levels of package management. In this blog post, I will explain the three levels of package management. 302 more words


APT2 is now UPS

APT2 is now called UPS (Universal Package System). The name is inspired by the company that delivers packages in those brown trucks and from the Image Packaging System (IPS) of OpenSolaris; and mvo writing ups after I proposed upt (über package tool) in IRC. 21 more words


APT2 - this time in C

As I wrote a few hours ago on deity@l.d.o (see http://lists.debian.org/deity/2010/08/msg00057.html), APT2 is back again. The first time, I tried Vala; but this time I wrote it in C (with the help of GLib, but no GObject) and the cache uses GVariant instead of an SQLite database. 45 more words


The previous post

Well, it seems that several news sites (golem.de, pro-linux.de, linux-magazin.de, linux-magazine.com, ubuntu-user.de ), especially German ones have picked up the last blog post with same false impressions. 284 more words