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New in Theaters: '56 Up'

Every 7 years since 1964, director Michael Apted has been checking in on the same group of 14 British subjects he first interviewed for the groundbreaking (though it didn’t seem it at the time) documentary¬† 179 more words

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The Up Series

In August I set myself a little assignment to watch the entire Up series, directed by Michael Apted. The idea behind the documentary series is based on the Jesuit saying “give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” – meaning that people’s personality and essential quality remain constant throughout their lives. 478 more words

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21 and Up (1977)

This is the third part of the UP Series, directed by Michael Apted.¬† The series started with Seven Up in 1964 and then Seven Plus Seven… 315 more words

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