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Historical Thinking is Design Thinking

I have been working on our westward expansion unit for APUSH. This is the era wherein we get to talk about cowboys and the open (and soon-to-be-closed) range, Promontory Point (in my home state!), the Chinese Exclusion Act (a surprise to many a history student), the Mormons (again, my home state!), the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the devastation wrought by (or the progress brought by, depending on your perspective) the Dawes Act. 688 more words



The significance of this wall of historical art is included in the bottom right corner, a mirror of reflection. The reason why I find this significant is because the meaning behind that mirror is that… 30 more words

Can't think of a clever title

Hello fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another post! It’s pretty late. I don’t know why I keep deciding to post when it’s like almost 12 am the next day. 1,385 more words

Random Post

Battle Time: You vs World or You + World vs Nothing

It seems like everything is against us—it’s a battle, a dead serious battle of life or death. Things just hit us in the worst way mankind can ever imagine, and sometimes we want to end our lives, to not have to deal with anything. 159 more words


Quotes from my history teacher

Just some of the interesting things my AP US History teacher has said . . .

“Go out there and change the world!”

“Start a revolution!” 52 more words


Humanities, saving the world.

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My head of school sent a link to an article this morning, entitled “How Humanities Can Help Save the World.” It identifies precisely where I locate my passion for teaching my subject. 455 more words


Can We Talk? No, I Mean Seriously, Can We Talk?

I don’t know if you heard, but there was a presidential debate last night.

Watching them was, at best, entertaining. At worst, it was disturbing. 1,220 more words