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AP U.S. History and Honors Biology: "A Killer Combination"

When entering sophomore year, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement U.S. History and/or Advanced Placement Biology. However, there have been many complaints about the scheduling of Advanced Placement U.S. 141 more words

Ed Reading: A Review of the New A.P. U.S. History Framework

Lendol Calder, professor of History at Augustana College, leading thinker and writer on the teaching of History, member of my exclusive Club PLN and family friend, has published an excellent op-ed on the new College Board curriculum framework and test for A.P. 1,569 more words

Ed Reading

Periods 1, 2, and Self-Reflection

One main theme of Period 1 is Exchange. The Columbian Exchange caused ideas, technology, cultures, animals, plants, and diseases to be exchanged between Europe and the Americas when their two different worlds collided with… 482 more words


Expansions and Economies (Period 1-2)

Spanish expansionism was important in starting the trend of going to America. Beginning with the Columbian Exchange, the discovery of America opened doors into a new world. 499 more words


Period 1-2 Overview

A main theme of Period One was Europe beginning to explore other regions and finding America. In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic in search of Asia when he instead found America and the Caribbean. 449 more words


American History Hijacked by Ideology – The Dangers and the Cure

2014 movie:  Jeff Bridges is “The Giver” of historical truth in a sterilized dystopian society
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Intro by Jeff Rutherford

As I have lately been immersed in topics of history, I was especially interested in the most recent issue of… 1,083 more words