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Cultivating Skepticism: Teaching Students to Distinguish Evidence from Argument

Handing out a reading assignment to my students can be a risky business. As I am the figure of authority in the room (well, maybe I flatter myself), they often take the truth of what I say for granted.  844 more words

Things Are All Upside Down

Earlier this year, at a potluck dinner, a new acquaintance learned I was a history teacher and did that thing many do – told a story about themselves. 390 more words


APUSH: Unit V Key Terms

1. Northern views of slavery

2. popular sovereignty

3. Scott v. Sanford (1857)

4. Antebellum North v. South: population, economy, society, class conflict, etc.

5. Civil War North v South/“balance of forces” 206 more words



After a strenuous year of doing APUSH outlines, I have officially done my last outline. Thinking back to it, I won’t forget my first few attempts where I took forever and wrote way too much. 177 more words


Study Guide: AP United States History

College Board Description – Knowing is half the battle.

Survival Resources and Practice Tests

Crash Course: US History – This is crazy effective for reviewing/jogging your memory as you approach test day. 142 more words


A change in perspective

Usually at this time, I’d be frantically reading my APUSH book and finishing my outline. But this week, a friend of mine told me that we would make a pact to finish at least a section of a chapter each day. 98 more words


Are Outlines Truly Necessary?

Every week, APUSH students suffer and gruel over outlines. For some, it may take 3-4 hours, but for others it may take 6-7 hours. What’s the purpose of these you may ask? 119 more words