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William Howard Taft

Summary: William Howard Taft (1857-1930) was president from 1909 to 1913. Like his predecessor Theodore Roosevelt, Taft was a Republican who pursued progressive domestic policies. He led the drive for the Sixteenth Amendment (establishing a national income tax), and the Seventeenth Amendment (allowing direct election of senators). 626 more words


Southeast Asian Treaty Organization

Summary: The Southeast Asian Treaty Organization was a mutual defense society formed in 1954 to defend Southeast Asian countries, particularly South Vietnam, against Communist takeover. SEATO was modeled after NATO, but it had no standing forces. 142 more words


Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism refers to the idea that Darwin’s theories of evolution can be applied to social relations between human beings – an idea that Darwin himself never posited. 666 more words


Forty Acres and a mule

“FORTY ACRES AND A MULE,” was a phrase echoed throughout the South in the aftermath of the Civil War, asserting the right of newly freed African Americans to redistributed lands—particularly those plantations confiscated by U.S. 224 more words


1960 Presidential Election

The 1960 presidential election pitted Vice President Richard Nixon against Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy. Both candidates were Cold War hawks who campaigned against the “Communist Menace”. 815 more words

1968 Election

The great issue of the election of 1968 was the Vietnam War. The Democratic Party was deeply split. After campaigning against Goldwater in 1964 by representing him as a warmonger, President Johnson had begun a sharp escalation of the conflict almost as soon as his second term began. 389 more words


1968 Democratic Convention

The 1968 Democratic Convention became infamous for the protests that accompanied it. Meeting in Chicago, delegates chose pro-war Vice President Hubert Humphrey as their standard bearer over the antiwar Eugene McCarthy and refused to condemn the Vietnam War. 30 more words