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2117 APUSH Class Shudders Through ABC News: That Other Century

         Taking thoughtnotes on sound bites and quotations from interview recorded in old fashioned non-transcendatory digital video, students in a 2117 APUSH class shuddered through ABC News’ That Other Century. 260 more words

In The Classroom

Group Work

I was recently added to an APUSH group that creates study guides for each chapter that the entire group can use. I was kinda surprised when I heard this because our homework (extra credit) is to outline each chapter. 100 more words


Getting a Headstart

For the past month of school, I’ve been doing my APUSH homework a week before. Each week, my teacher assigns a chapter outline (though he has made them extra credit, I still do them). 117 more words


Regrets: Just face the challenge!

“Oh man, I wished I had __________.”

Five or more hours suffering at home in front of a computer screen or fifty five minutes of suffering at school. 178 more words


Rekishi - History

How old does something have to be in order for it to be considered as history? Do things even have to be old to be called as a part of history? 257 more words


Voting PSA

Thanks for watching! Every view gets us closer to the possibility of winning a scholarship!


Nemuri - Sleep

Sleep is something that I, as an AP student, am quite unfamiliar with. Even a standard night’s worth of 8 hours of sleep is infinitely desirable yet forever unattainable. 506 more words