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In the Now: June 2015

June 23rd: Okay, so today I did my second APUSH assignment today and it was really intriguing. I honestly wait for Monday to come just so I can see the assignment and get it done. 446 more words

Michelle Malkin: Progressives Drive to Take ‘America’ Out of US History

New York Post — A stellar group of American historians and academics released a milestone open letter Tuesday in protest of deleterious changes to the Advanced Placement US History (or APUSH) exam. 98 more words


My Experts Can Beat Up Your Experts

None of us knows what we’re talking about. That is the problem driving much of our culture-war animus. We can’t possibly understand all the nuances of every field of study, so we rely on networks of competing experts and authority figures to tell us what to believe. 1,064 more words


And of Junior year 2k15!!

Soo glad! I mean look at this:

I will never be able to forget the countless pages and notes I had to read every night NO MATTER WHAT, LITERALLY NO MATTER WHAT, the writing I had to endure every single day that caused my hand to cramp up and get a hand massage (it’s a thing,i found out), the straining and attempt to connect to my my non existent imagination in art class (slightly exaggerating), PAYING THE PRICE OF SCHOOL BY NOT BEING ABLE TO FINISH AT LEAST 5 BOOKS THIS SCHOOL YEAR, and last but not least, the agonizing struggle, the push and pull, the late nights and YouTube tutorials, the constant need for test corrections, and the achievement of my ENTIRE JUNIORYEAR goal of getting an A (22/25) on a chemistry test, in Chemistry. 267 more words


Introduction to the site

Hello! My name is Paige Haley. I loved American Girl dolls ever since I got Kit Kittredge when I was a little girl. A few months ago, I began to wonder what would have happened to the American Girls if they grew up to become adults. 204 more words

American Girl

Julie Albright

Julie Albright: An American Woman


1982- This is my first year in college and I am so excited to be finally out of the house and on my own. 1,299 more words

American Girl

Kit Kittredge

Kit Kittredge: An American Woman


1941- There is a great war going on in Europe that is taking our men away to go fight against the Germans and the Japanese. 1,430 more words

American Girl