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Last September, Chicago officers John Conneely and Mike Modzelewski found themselves responding to a chaotic fight between family, neighbours and friends; 5 shot and bleeding out. 238 more words

The Death Weeks

I would like to talk about AP exams. For 2 weeks, the College Board gives out test thats you signed up for long before you realized you weren’t ready- or worse, that you didn’t learn anything in the class at all. 354 more words

Let's Tell Their Story

It’s hard to believe it’s over…

It feels really surreal, because we’ve been studying and studying for this day and this A.P. US History test for our entire lives (or this year) and now for the rest of the year we’re just going to be doing projects… 987 more words

May 5, 2016: Why Were AP Exams Invented?

Hello, there.

This post does not warrant the usual exclamation point. Tomorrow I face my very first AP exam: AP United States History. In the morning. 231 more words

My Regular Life

Quizlet Account

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have a Quizlet account where I entered a lot of terms. So far I created folders for American Principles and Government (non honors gov), AP U.S. 32 more words

On Dehumanization and Idolization

Doing APUSH notes got me thinking a lot about dehumanization. We do it so often in the course of history, and it’s a large reason why people commit genocides, racist acts, and other atrocities. 149 more words