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Thursday, February 26th - Block 2 United States History

Block A 2 is to complete Journal Entry Rubric #7. The rubric is due on Tuesday, March 3rd. Be sure to bring your journal to class on Tuesday, March 3rd. 15 more words


APUSH in danger as Oklahoma Republicans seek to rewrite history

Nick Rackers


Freedom of choice. It’s one of the simplest of freedoms, and one that is a cornerstone of not only American society, but any free society. 687 more words


Mr. Plank gives another worksheet.

Here’s the worksheet I didn’t put up last week. It goes in the front part of the notebook.

We also had a worksheet that I didn’t get to keep that requires a stamp. 59 more words



I don’t think I’ve expressed my school struggle very much, but it’s the equivalent of traveling up Niagara Falls starting from the bottom. It’s not school in general, it’s really just my first period, which is AP U.S. 476 more words


Is Politics "History" or is "History" Nothing but Politics?

The legislature had been in session for three weeks before the school funding issue, a truly bi-partisan bill, made it out of committee. Whether it will reach a vote in the full house is another matter. 671 more words

The Death of APUSH in Oklahoma

APUSH, or Advanced Placement US History, is a class that was made for students that wanted more out of history.  It goes in depth on all major events that have occurred in the United States.   606 more words


On APUSH, Advanced Calculus, And Things I Haven't Thought About In Years

I like Facebook. Surprising, isn’t it, that a woman who openly shares her thoughts and opinions online enjoys a website that asks “what’s on your mind?” I keep track of friends that I would otherwise never hear from, I see pictures of all of the warm vacations that everyone but me is taking right now, and I occasionally read news snippets that I didn’t catch during my weekly news& cardio sessions (or This Is Life is on and I gleefully abandon my search for current events). 557 more words