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Two Yemen Journalists Killed by Airstrike while Held by Houthis in "Seismological Center" Turned Ad Hoc Prison in Dhamar

Who’s at fault is it that two Yemeni journalists and other prisoners died in a Houthi ad hoc prison in Dhamar after building was targeted and destroyed by a Saudi led airstrike? 429 more words


Al-Qaeda still a more serious threat than ISIS, says ex-CIA official

Al-Qaeda and its affiliates continue to pose the most serious unconventional threat to American security, despite the meteoric rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, according to a former senior official in the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). 350 more words

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How ISIL is disrupting online jihad

Since the May 4 attack by two gunmen in Garland, Texas, the top US spymasters have been taking turns to ring the alarm bells about ISIL’s growing internet threat. 621 more words

Yemen - Proxy Battles

Yemen, already the poorest country in the Middle East, is falling to pieces.

Its most recent troubles intensified last year, when the Houthis, a movement composed of Zaydi Shias, a minority sect within the predominantly Sunni Muslim country, captured the capital, Sanaa. 1,068 more words


Terrorist Leaders Supposedly Targeted

Hi friends!  As we finish the second week of Looking for the Blessed Hope (the Bible study), let’s break before week #3 to take a look at recent news regarding terrorist leaders.   434 more words

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Al-Qaeda: Nasr Ibn Ali al-Ansi, Senior AQAP Leader, Killed In US Drone Strike

CNN — A senior commander in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been killed in a U.S. drone strike, according to an online video statement from an AQAP spokesman. 76 more words