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Splish! Splash! My invigorating 30 minute water workout.

I am so happy and relaxed when I workout in water. Born under the fiery sun-sign of Aries, the cooling element of water brings welcome yin to my yang. 835 more words


Getting back my pre-baby body

Ok, I am just going to say it straight, getting back to fitness after having a baby is hard! I always thought that I would be back running in a matter of weeks. 365 more words


Aqua Aerobics - Week 5 Challenge 

Today I made new progress on this aqua aerobics. This was the first time I did the noodle routine without holding onto the side of the pool for most of the lesson. 206 more words


Aqua Aerobics - Week 3 Challenge 

This week lesson was the combination of last 2 weeks lessons, i.e. doing the aerobics routine using a noodle together with music. Sound so complicated! Last week, we had been using the noodles without any music. 227 more words


Motivation against depression: exercise

For people suffering from depression, the main benefits of exercise are psychological, as opposed to physical (but that is a plus!). Physical exercise has been known to boost a person’s mood by releasing chemicals called endorphins, giving the feeling of euphoria and reducing the body’s perception of pain. 324 more words


Aqua Aerobics - Week 2 Challenge

This is 2nd week of my aqua aerobics class. The weather was beautiful today. Sunny and a bit windy, but nevertheless a beautiful day. When I arrived at the pool, everyone was ready to “rock n roll”. 559 more words


Start 2017 with a Splash!

Start 2017 with a splash – and a great workout!  Come try out any Woodlands Township Aquatics Program in January and the 1st class is on us! 254 more words

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