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Mermaids out of Water

The pumps were broken at the public pool I usually go to, so they shut it down for the day. I drove to another pool a little farther north. 424 more words

Short Stories

I can't help it, it's the shoes!

When I first started getting into running, the first thing I knew I needed was a pair of decent running shoes. I swear by Skechers so I invested in a pair from their GoRun range. 341 more words


Where To Do Sport Activities in Bratislava During Pregnancy

At first I was disappointed hearing my gynecologist that sport activities are forbidden during the first three months of my pregnancy. Then I found myself so sleepy and tired that even if I wanted to do some sport I just could not. 560 more words


Aqua Aerobics

Following on from the post I put up on exercise, today I’m going to write about one of my favourite ways to exercise, but one I’ve unfortunately not been able to do for a while, … 1,174 more words


Getting back my pre-baby body

Ok, I am just going to say it straight, getting back to fitness after having a baby is hard! I always thought that I would be back running in a matter of weeks. 365 more words


Aqua Aerobics - Week 5 Challenge 

Today I made new progress on this aqua aerobics. This was the first time I did the noodle routine without holding onto the side of the pool for most of the lesson. 206 more words


Aqua Aerobics - Week 3 Challenge 

This week lesson was the combination of last 2 weeks lessons, i.e. doing the aerobics routine using a noodle together with music. Sound so complicated! Last week, we had been using the noodles without any music. 227 more words