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Louisiana Sea Grant techniques, equipment to improve Alabama hatchery’s production of oyster larvae

(DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala.) — In an effort to improve survival of oyster larvae grown at the Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory, scientists are adopting innovative techniques developed by John Supan of the Louisiana Sea Grant Oyster Research Laboratory. 155 more words


විසිතුරු ජලජ පැලෑටි කර්මාන්තය.

ජලයේ නිමග්නව පාවෙමින් හෝ ජලයේ පිටතට නෙරා වැඩෙන පැළෑටි ජලජ පැළෑටි වේ.

  • මේවා පොකුණු, මින් මැදුරු, දිය ඇලි හා ගෘහ අලංකරණයට යොදා ගනී.
  • ජලජ ජීවීන්ට සෙවණ හා සැඟවීමට ස්ථාන නිර්මාණය කරයි.
  • O2 ප්‍රභවයක් ලෙස වැදගත් වේ.
  • ජලයේ තත්වය වැඩි දියුණු කරයි.
  • අභිජනනය සඳහා සුදුසු ස්ථාන සපයයි.
  • ජලයේ දියවී ඇති නයිට්‍රජනීය අන්ථඵල අවශෝෂණය කරයි.

    විසිතුරු ජලජ පැළෑටි වර්ග

    1. නිමග්න ශාක – හයිඩ්‍රිල්ලා, සැගිටෙරියා, කෙකටිය.
    2. අර්ධ නිමග්න ශාක – වැලිස්නේරියා.
    3. පාවෙන ශාක – සැල්වීනියා, පෙදශාක, ඇසොල්ලා.
    විසිතුරු ජලජ පැළෑටි කර්මාන්තය

    Tilapia Diseases and How to Cure Them

    The aquaculture sector faces a variety of deadly fish diseases which vary with season and weather conditions. Fortunately, there exists relatively easy solutions that farmers can adopt in order to reduce risk of mass mortality events, as told in this short clip produced by the AQUADAPT project.


    Eat Your [Sea] Vegetables! Sustainable Farming (Kelp DESSERTS)

    For this blogging project I had hoped to obtain fresh, locally-farmed seaweed, but this task proved much more difficult than expected! Dried sea vegetables are already available at most natural foods stores (for a pretty steep price) but… 312 more words

    A brief, abridged, gringo's guide to Chilean salmon farming

    Chilean salmon farming plays an important role on numerous geographical scales. Globally, salmon aquaculture now accounts for over one-third of all farmed salmon produced. If you live in the United States and consume Atlantic salmon, it has most likely come from Chile or Norway (the world’s top producer). 1,540 more words

    Watson Fellowship

    Eat Your [Sea] Vegetables! Fighting Eutrophication (Alaria recipe)

    The old adage that one can have “too much of a good thing” is supported in spades by a phenomenon that is plaguing many waterways around the world. 483 more words