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Sea bass the size of a dinner plate...

“The taming of sea bass has brought both good and bad things to the world. Indeed it needs to be held up for analysis as we chart the way forward.

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The next time you buy farm-fresh, never frozen...

“Farmed salmon are the most consumed farmed finfish in the Western world. The salmon-farming industry requires an enormous amount of food. And with salmon a lot of that food consists of other fish that are harvested from the wild.

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Marine Research and Breeding Center

Last October 2014, I walked into a field of coconut trees and attended a ground breaking ceremony for Romblon’s soon-to-be Marine Research and Breeding Center. All around were sounds of frantic chopping and sawing. 335 more words

Daily Life

Over-exploitation leads to domestication...

“What we have seen up until now, with both the exploitation of wild fish and the selection and propagation of domestic fish, is a wave of psychological denial of staggering scope.

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