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Do you regularly check the TDS Level of your RO Water Purifier?

The TDS is short form for Total Dissolved Solids. The Total Dissolved Solids or TDS are dissolved organic and inorganic constituents present in your drinking water.You must check the TDS level of your RO Water Purifier system on a regular basis as poor TDS level of water can adversely affect your health. 176 more words


Rodeo Fest Kicks off October 3!

October is here and we the Flash Fiction Rodeo prepares to ride October 5-31. First, we kick off with  Rodeo Fest! On October 3 you can follow live readings at… 14 more words


Things To Expect When Trying To Finish Your First Draft 

In my experience finishing a first draft is a lot harder than starting one. The last twenty thousand words of a first draft novel can be a weird time for you, the writer. 19 more words


Stop It!

Stop it! Please, I ask all media outlets to please stop calling this biased, misogynistic, egomaniac “President.”  Since so many of us agree that he is not fit to be president, he shoul…

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Fear As Enemy

How did I get here?   My heartbeat keeps pace with the sound of my shoes slapping across a dusty road as I try to silence this quiet sense of dread Something’s not right Something’s coming &nb…

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You Need to Finish Your Writing Project

Have you ever wondered why starting a project can be so full of ideas, motivation, focus, and commitment, only to later on land into an overwhelming state of pressure, agonizing middle, and a compl… 11 more words


Prey ~ Daily Haiku Challenge 

Silken threads glisten With drops of morning, waiting To lure in her prey   Daily Haiku Challenge ~ Day 335/365 Writing Prompt: Itsy Bitsy Spider – Day 1/31 ©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved… 6 more words