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Rodeo Fest Kicks off October 3!

October is here and we the Flash Fiction Rodeo prepares to ride October 5-31. First, we kick off with  Rodeo Fest! On October 3 you can follow live readings at… 14 more words


Things To Expect When Trying To Finish Your First Draft 

In my experience finishing a first draft is a lot harder than starting one. The last twenty thousand words of a first draft novel can be a weird time for you, the writer. 19 more words


Stop It!

Stop it! Please, I ask all media outlets to please stop calling this biased, misogynistic, egomaniac “President.”  Since so many of us agree that he is not fit to be president, he shoul…

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Fear As Enemy

How did I get here?   My heartbeat keeps pace with the sound of my shoes slapping across a dusty road as I try to silence this quiet sense of dread Something’s not right Something’s coming &nb…

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You Need to Finish Your Writing Project

Have you ever wondered why starting a project can be so full of ideas, motivation, focus, and commitment, only to later on land into an overwhelming state of pressure, agonizing middle, and a compl… 11 more words


Prey ~ Daily Haiku Challenge 

Silken threads glisten With drops of morning, waiting To lure in her prey   Daily Haiku Challenge ~ Day 335/365 Writing Prompt: Itsy Bitsy Spider – Day 1/31 ©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved… 6 more words


3 Big Pitch Mistakes.

by Nicole Dieker on The Write Live site: As an editor, I read a lot of pitches. Some of them are really easy to say yes to — they’re the pitches that outline a strong, clear narrative with a takeaw… 11 more words