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Caroline & Justine dari Aquamarine sudah dipesan

Anime Persona 5 sudah tayang, mungkin kalian penasaran siapa asisten baru di Velvet Room itu. Bila kalian yang sudah mencari-cari info atau sudah memainkan gamenya, mereka bernama Caroline dan Justine. 76 more words



According to legend, a siren jumped into the water a clear color stone, was the aquamarine and has since been called the stone protector of those who go to sea, it is said that aquamarine can protect their lives in case of squalls and storms . 138 more words

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Jewellery Heist at Ritz Hotel, Paris

A gang of 5 men, wielding axes, steal millions of euros worth of Jewellery in Movie style heist at a Jewellery Store located at the Ritz hotel in central Paris. 247 more words


California Style: Vespa, Helmet and Dog

Now if I was cool, you’d think this was my aquamarine Vespa, flowery black helmet and dog. As it is, y’all know I’m not and it isn’t. 58 more words


Aquamarine Love

  • This enchanting Dior ring centres a 52-carat aquamarine and is set with diamonds, amethysts and sapphires – a perfect pastel colour combination for spring.
  • These impressive earrings and necklace pairing features more than 300 carats worth of aquamarine. 
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Aquamarine - March Birthstone

It’s time to dig deep into the science of the gemstone aquamarine and its mineral family today. This post will definitely be more science-y than my last post about birthstones which was about the amethyst, which can be considered a fairly “simple” gemstone. 1,207 more words


Aquamarine and Bloodstone

The March Birthstone is in fact two gems, Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

Bloodstone is the gemstone of the 14th Wedding Anniversary and Aquamarine is the gemstone of the 19th Wedding Anniversary. 118 more words

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