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Question: What type of Aquaponics plants am I able to grow?

Answer: We have yet to determine what kind of plants do not grow well in an Aquaponics system except maybe for acid loving plants such as blueberries. 787 more words


Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb (AKA Aquaponics How-To)

A lot of Aquaponics gardeners have mentioned that we all need to learn the basic Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb for DIY Aquaponics. The reason why is because as novices we could use a lot of help with Aquaponics How To without investing a considerable amount of time reading and researching what you should do and what you should not do. 2,179 more words


New water

Over the last couple of days Lon and I have moved one of the 1000 litre tanks and redone the downpipes that come off the rear roof and the carport. 508 more words


Planning for Aquaponics

‚ÄčI haven’t been able to start my aquaponics kit yet, because I immediately broke the tank part. Thankfully, after emailing the company, they are going to send me a replacement part. 329 more words


Valentine's Day and Aquaponics!

I’m not really into the traditional types of Valentine’s gifts (flowers, chocolate, jewelry, teddy bears, heart-shaped things)… It’s honestly not my favorite holiday. I don’t like how there’s so much pressure on the guy to do something nice for the girl… Shouldn’t it be about both people as a couple? 145 more words


Aquaponics-Grow bed maintenance

I had to make some changes in the greenhouse this winter which gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at my grow beds. The grow beds had a high concentration of fish solids making it difficult to maintain clean water and a proper ph balance. 111 more words

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Bottle gourd on top of chicken enclosure

One of the bittle gourd plants in our aquaponic growbed made it onto the vegetable net spread ontop of the chicken enclosure.

I have posted about the… 51 more words