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Aquaponics - Big fat cucumber ;-)

Whenever we harvested young cucumbers, both the ends of them tasted a bit bitter. So lately we have been letting them grow bigger and that solved the problem. 20 more words


Gardening and Horticulture

Aquaponics Can Be a Great Way to Grow Your Own Food
After reading the title of this article, you might be thinking to yourself: What on earth is aquaponics? 77 more words

Inside Look: Aquaponics Independent Project

Biology Independent Project: Aquaponics

Guest Post by Terrence Xiao ’16

Hi folks!

My name is Terrence Xiao, I’m a four year senior from Beijing, China, and I have a weird obsession with fish. 670 more words


Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101

Update on Aquaponics

My husband has finished the left side walkway.  He also put a scratch-coat of cement on the outside of the left wall (first) as he wanted it to look more attractive.   342 more words

Gardening 101


Being healthy…sounds easy does it not? Well, not so much! After an indepth look at our lifestyle, changes had to be made. First task to tackle is food, also not knowing, would be the biggest project of all. 318 more words

Garden Update #1

I started cycling my garden May 6th. This time around I decided to do kind of a hybrid cycling. For the very first week I did a fishless cycling. 181 more words

The Guardian: Greenhouse in the sky – inside Europe’s biggest urban farm

UrbanFarmers’ greenhouse is ‘an example of cities reconnecting with food’, says Jan Willem van der Schans. Photograph: space & matter

“I always refer to the debates about parks in the city in the past. 232 more words