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Aquaponics - first harvest of fish (Tilapia)

It’s getting close to two years since we had our first batch of fish in the aquaponics tank. But we never harvested any fish mainly because kids weren’t too favorable to this idea, although I always wanted to complete the farming cycle :-) … 140 more words


Who am I

I am a 39 year old man living in Houston TX. I have never written anything in my life so right of the bat I apologize to the grammar police. 86 more words


From Famine to Farming

Famine devastating families; drought shattering hopes of a seasonal harvest. These are just a few things Jimmy and Teresa Heisler have seen during their time as missionaries for Youth With A Mission in Creel, Mexico. 963 more words


The Easiest Way To Do Aquaponics in Your Living Room

This is a special guest post from Brian Filipowich, Director of Anacostia Aquaponics. To keep getting great content from guests like him, make sure you check out our… 1,143 more words

Sustainable Agriculture

Aquaponics is going mainstream!!

If a fruit or vegetable isn’t grown in dirt, can it be organic?

That is the question roiling the world of organic farming, and the answer could redefine what it means to farm organically. 1,317 more words


Getting ready for winter vegetables!

Sorry! It’s been way too long to go without a post! Travel had gotten me away from farming for a while. It is time to do some catch up. 120 more words