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Building your own hydroponic / aquaponic farm

You may have noticed IKEA have some hydroponic systems on sale on their website.  I think they’re also proposing to get in on the market for off-the-shelf indoor aquaponic units for farming at home too.   409 more words

D6 Research

Tomato jungle

A quick update on the aquaponic tomatoes. The system is running well. The salads are running low as I’m in the middle of building some new beds and am behind on sowing new salads. 101 more words


Volunteer Integrated Pest Management—Ladybug Larva

We’ve got some aphid eating volunteers visiting the aquaponics greenhouse for the third year in a row. This video is of a lady bug larva on one of the lettuce leaves. 236 more words


Studpac Aquatic Solutions Offer the Best Solution for Hydroponic Garden

We choose them as our agricultural item providers because of the value of their products for sale and the reliability of their marketplace. We publish unbiased reviews on our site as we ensure our readers can make the perfect decision before putting their money on a product.   208 more words


Aquaponics build #1

We’re well underway with the aquaponics build. The frame is almost done, though I couldn’t take a pic of it almost finished because it came in too dark too quickly. 85 more words


Aquaponics system

Aquaponics is the technique of growing plants using the aquarium or pond water. This is a small system build in top of a aquarium for a betta fish (the tank that is currently being cycled).


Aquaponics Build #1: Getting our feet wet

Our first aquaponics build is in operation. A few fat-head minnow, some snails, and a pollywog munch algae in the tank.

That’s it!  There are a few things I’ll probably do differently on the next build, but this will do for now. 65 more words