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Aquaponics - Bottle gourd (Churakka)

I have a newer smaller system that I have kept for cycling (to have the nitrification bacteria population established). It looks like the system is doing well now. 54 more words


How aquaponics works...

“Over the last couple of years, University of the Virgin Islands researchers have engineered a tested strategy that can revolutionize the whole organic farming industry as we know it. 155 more words


Aquaponics - New rain shelter is getting ready

We are working on setting up a rooftop rain shelter to host our new aquaponic system.

I already had a pipe structure we setup a few years ago for an earlier farming project which didn’t really fly :-). 69 more words


Building a DIY Backyard Aquaponics System

Last summer, I began to research this “new” gardening technique called aquaponics. To give a quick overview, it’s a closed-loop system of gardening: you have a supply of fish inside a separate tank, typically below a grow bed that’s either filled with media (like rocks or coconut coir) or has a raft floating above the water. 1,454 more words


Aquaponics - Ridge gourd (Peechinga) update

Ridge gourd is doing well in constant flood aquaponic system. Like I posted earlier, this verity doesn’t have the groves or ridges around it, making it easier to cook. 82 more words


Aquaponics - Back to normal, but at the expense of an eight months old fish!

I think I now know what might have caused the recent water quality issue.

There were three things going on. First, there was some kind of an air block in the pipe that slowed down return water flow from the growbed to the tank. 351 more words


Just Food Makes a Way Out of No Way

Nearly every day at Growing Power in Chicago, trucks pull up and dump huge piles of discarded fruits, vegetables and loads of wood chips. Growing Power’s farm crews layer these together to create stacks of nitrogen and carbon that heat up and break down to form rich compost. 507 more words

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