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California - Ourboros Farms hiring Farmhand

Half Moon Bay, California

Ouroboros Farms is one of the largest aquaponics farms in the country, providing fresh lettuce, leafy greens, and other produce to the California coast and Bay Area. 252 more words


Website Resources: uPonics


uPonics is a solid online site that promotes hydro and aquaponic systems and culture. There are commercial tie ins aplenty, but it provides solid information and lessons for beginners to wade deep into the water. 131 more words


Hydro Methods: Kratky

Kratky How To Guide – The Kratky Method is a Simple and Fun Way to Grow           Shannon McKee | March 6, 2017

I’ve dabbled with quite a few systems over the years, and while each system provides advantages, disadvantages, and costs, there is something of an Occam’s Razor perspective to sticking plants into media they love and just letting them be. 234 more words


Fish Poop Poem

What is it that I really know?
I’d like to say it’s the way plants grow, or
that I like to don my winter gear and play in the snow, maybe… 142 more words

Sean Short

College Days

BOOK REVIEW- One part of Neil’s journey when he has became so much hopeless and helpless exactly when Avani show him his true self. Then how much he became helpless to make his life. 7 more words


Daring to be a naked entrepreneur

Reflections on human complexity by a fool at a masquerade ball.

I’m finding out that to attain your dreams you have to go through days plenty of frustration. 253 more words