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Temboo - my new found friend

Ever since the release of the “Internet of Farming” YouTube interview –  the recurring question is how to get the code working on my Arduino for my situation.   413 more words

Rik Kretzinger

Superior Living Via Indoor Aquaponics

With shows like “The Walking Dead” and “World War Z” I find myself thinking, what will I do when the zombie apocalypse comes? Well aside from looting, pillaging and killing off all my enemies under the shroud of a mysterious plague, I probably will be wishing that I some how became more self sufficient and less dependent on civilization.  2,271 more words


Back in Balance

A few weeks ago we discovered that our fish aren’t growing fast enough to support the plants we have growing in our garden.  We sadly watched as our peas seemed to all die off and our corn stopped progressing and our tomatoes, squash, and bell pepper stopped growing their fruits. 281 more words



Aquaponics: Is this promising, sustainable farming method the urbanized future of agriculture? We talk a lot around here about food and its importance in sustaining life. 488 more words



Home grown fish and turning fish waste into lettuces efficiently means an aquaponics system! I’ve had my IBC set up for a few years now and by and large it has been easy to manage but I have had a few hiccups along the way…happily part of fixing our pump involved a visit to… 243 more words



Aquaponics integrated into the urban landscape? Look no further than your imagination. To join us on a tour please view the full departure schedule by CLICKING HERE.