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I wrote this as a response to a poem one of my friends wrote. Her name is Kira Burton. She’s on wordpress. You should follow her: 260 more words


Hello world! What's this button do?!

This is me. 12:05 am. I’m a writer. What makes me any different than the rest of the world? How do I stand out? 216 more words



true…I don’t need people…if you’re in my life, i want you there…if you’re out, good luck…
(no I don’t take this shit seriously but sometimes it’s wicked right)

Happy Birthday, Me!

Finding the art in this Tuesday had its own unique set of challenges. First, I was away from my cabin–sojourning in the city. Secondly, it was my birthday. 671 more words

The Art Of Tuesday

You say it's your birthday?

So many birthdays today and this week. Wow I know a lot of Aquarians. Yay, us. Mine was today.

I think perhaps that some people find birthdays to be a bigger deal for adults than I do. 1,249 more words

Age of Aquaria

Everyone has a superpower and you don’t need a cape and your undies on the outside to claim it. It may be something fabulous (you can fly?) or something mundane that makes day to day living so much easier, but no matter who you are it’s tucked in there somewhere. 393 more words