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I was always alone growing up, not always physically, but always feeling alone. An only child with an Aquarian mind. Even when I was surrounded by friends or the few family members I had a chance to know, I remember feeling alone. 451 more words

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3 Astrology Quotes for Aquarius

 Aquarius is born between the dates of January 20 – February 18

Aquarius, Ruling Planet, Birthday, Symbol, and Quotes

This zodiac sign is ruled by planet Uranus. 116 more words


When things don't go according to plan

They often won’t- and that’s okay, really.

Dear Sara and Sana,

Today was your annaprashan, Sana,  the first rice ceremony, and you fell ill, much to the dismay of all of us here. 338 more words


Dear Sara and Sana,

You’re one and a half years and five months old respectively and at the risk of sounding like a very biased aunt (which I am), you are so, so perfect. 491 more words