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Fuck you

Yepp I’m letting him go.

I keep wondering tho have I truly released him if I’m holding on to the possibility of a future? It’s not the same as before where I think we’re working towards it but it’s more like if one day he finally gets his shit together I will gladly accept him. 1,664 more words

My Weird Love Life

Where my Aquarius men?

Yoo the wildest thing happened today. I know I said that yesterday but bruh, my life is wild 😂😂

So I’m PMSing so I’m a lil bit more exra than I normally am. 632 more words

My Weird Love Life

November 11th: Aquarius

Good evening all,

I get that it’s usually a safe assumption that the average person likely isn’t familiar with Boards of Canada. I get that even though I brought them up in our conversation and therefore… 161 more words

The Coming of the Visible Third Eye

Marduk: This is wondrous, isn’t it, the way all this is going?

Helen: What do you mean?

Marduk: The way the moon is rising above the sun. 692 more words


Hello there. I feel like at this point I should introduce myself, but at the same time, I’m not going to be actively advertising this blog or any of the content I share on it. 420 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

The Citizens' Book - Medborgarboken

I found an old book from the 50’s that my father got from his home municipality when he turned 21 , which back then were today’s 18 when you get full civil rights and obligations. 472 more words

What Ever