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Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon: "Revolutionary Warfare"

For those with this Sun/Moon combination, a portion of your liberation rests in taking the risk that deviating from the norm isn’t, in itself, a negative concept. 279 more words


Bite Beauty releases their next lipstick in their Astrology line

The line was first released in February 2018 with the first installment of the limited edition shade Aquarius. The lipstick is formulated with the company’s… 363 more words

Yearly Horoscope - Aquarius

What does 2018 bring for you?

You are a water sign, thus you have wrinkly fingers and toes. It’s gross, don’t touch me with them. 399 more words

Real Life


Hello my dear AQUARIUS friends!

I prepared a reading for 19-24th March 2018 for you! Hope you will enjoy and find the reading helpful! The theme for the 19-24th March week is: A hidden enemy! 21 more words

How Aquarius Woman Relates to Every Other Sign + Why Astrology Isn't Rubbish

This post goes out to all of my Aquarius queens. We may not think of ourselves as queens at times, but in our own way, we rule, even if that means ruling in our own world. 2,610 more words


Rapid Changes

In twenty twelve we entered the age information and we are undergoing a rapid increase of awareness of reality like never before. You might be sensing this with all the information coming out of the internet such as this you are currently reading. 217 more words


Right or wrong

What feels wrong sometimes end up being right.

Nights are always difficult for me, somewhere I think it’s my zodiac sign that makes it more difficult for me to sleep. 361 more words