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Rahu in Leo - Ketu in Aquarius - Part 3

Rahu in Leo quite often has some level of undiscovered imagination. Some of the time modesty keeps it undiscovered. The timidity is in itself a manifestation of the undiscovered Leo Rahu possibilities, since Leo is the indication of confidence. 1,306 more words


Rahu in Leo - Ketu in Aquarius - Part 2

Rahu in Leo might want to be seen as somebody with a gigantic measure of imperativeness. He or she needs to be known as somebody who’s achieved innovative or business achievement. 867 more words


Rahu in Leo - Ketu in Aquarius - Part 1

Rahu in Leo helps the local to understand his goals, which are of a grand nature. He has a fine aspiration; and regardless of the possibility that he is not a craftsman, he is none the less a man of good taste, a mate of structure and of everything that is fine and respectable. 991 more words


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About Fixed signs:  The maintainers of the zodiac. These people are usually solid. They preserve tradition. These signs are valued for their loyalty, devoted, dependable natures. 19 more words

FIXED SIGN SUPERIORITY: the meaning of the modes

Astrology divides the 12 signs into 3 groups (4 signs from each of the 3 elements), or modes, to describe the manner in which they use their unique characteristics and gifts. 848 more words

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Integrating Oppositions in the Birth Chart: The Leo/Aquarius Axis

As we continuously participate in the transition from viewing ourselves as static, fixed entities and consider a larger process of becoming, it only makes sense to apply this philosophical shift directly to our birth charts. 680 more words