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First Post - Hello beautiful people !

Hi my name is Lauren.

I am a stay at home mum… For now.. I have two amazing little girls. I am an Aquarius.

I have always had a passion and interest in astrology, the occult phenomena & psychedelia. 175 more words


who hides under your bed?

i wrote this on a day other than today but i felt it was an appropriate starting point.

sat. sept. 10, 2016//lou. ky

today someone asked me what my biggest fear is. 56 more words


"you're needy" the air and water sign dilemma

I have been called needy before I have been told I require too much attention. I attract mostly air sign men though Libra and Gemini will be the two that most often label me this. 963 more words


Finding My Happy Places :)

I am so lucky to be living where I do in Burleigh Heads. This place is absolutely stunning with natural beauty at every turn. It is so lovely to be able to take a walk down the hill from my house, grab a coffee, and enjoy the breathtaking views each and every day. 448 more words



To care so profoundly

for all things that breathe,

yet to reject so apathetically,

those beings that make you seethe,

these are the burdens

for one so attuned to care. 10 more words


AQUARIUS - A story about trying to evict a woman, played by Sonia Braga.

The movie AQUARIUS  is part of the Mill Valley Film Festival, October 6 to 16, 2016. @MVFilmFest

By Lupita Peimbert.

(CINEMA) – Sonia Braga looks stunningly beautiful as a widowed and retired music critic. 431 more words



 Aquarius  Gucci Mane didn’t squander at whatever time when he got off of house capture this week – he celebrated by hitting up a strip club … with RACKS to blow. 231 more words