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AQUASCAPE - Hobi Baru yang Meracuni

Setelah hibernasi yang cukup panjang, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk menggoreskan kembali aktivitas dan interest apa yang ingin digoreskan di hati para pembaca sekalian. Kali ini adalah tentang… 881 more words


Trying to fix plant melt

So, the symptoms are losing leaves, holes in leaves and plant leaves that become ‘skeleton’ like, pale, transparent and seem to melt away and die. Sometimes only the root is left. 713 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

All about shrimp tank 2

So a week last Monday was ‘Shrimp Day’. Here is what happened.

The all day (and half the night) process of setting up the new tank to replace the first was very exciting. 911 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

Nourish Your Inner Water Faerie With Aquascaping

Everyone seems to be on the faerie bandwagon these days. You can find articles on faerie gardens,¬†faerie houses and miniature faerie this and thats… 79 more words


First go with Pogostemon helferi

I think it looks like lettuce – a plant that’s new to me – Pogostemon helferi.

A small bunch set me back £7.99 and came in a little pot. 31 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

Shrimp blog now also on Facebook

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Tomorrows is a big day … The creation of Tank 2.

Watch how things unfold on FaceBook!

Shrimp Aquarium