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Nourish Your Inner Water Faerie With Aquascaping

Everyone seems to be on the faerie bandwagon these days. You can find articles on faerie gardens, faerie houses and miniature faerie this and thats… 79 more words


First go with Pogostemon helferi

I think it looks like lettuce – a plant that’s new to me – Pogostemon helferi.

A small bunch set me back £7.99 and came in a little pot. 31 more words

Shrimp Aquarium

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Tomorrows is a big day … The creation of Tank 2.

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Shrimp Aquarium

The WALL (update)

So since taking the plunge at my first 3d background setup, I must say I am hooked…!  The sense of depth it gives is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also makes the fish more comfortable.  147 more words

Planted Aquarium


Not unlike my ancestors, in the grey overcast of winter I cling to the green things to remind myself that it wont always be this dark and cold. 1,127 more words

Detective Docherty And The Vampire's Mirror


Pembuatan dekorasi akuarium dimulai dengan menaburkan sepetiga bagian dari total tinggi pasir yang akan dimasukkan kemudian ditaburkan pupuk diatasnya dan dicampur. Diatas pupuk tersebut ditutupi lagi dengan 2/3 bagian dari total tinggi pasir yang akan dimasukkan. 243 more words