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Membuat Aquascape

  1.  Persiapkan dan letakan Aquarium anda ditempat yang datar dan tidak terkena sinar matahari secara langsung. Kemudian mulai memasukan substrate. Dimulai dari gravel, pupuk dasar, bakteri starter lalu dilapisi oleh soil atau pasir yang lebih halus supaya pupuk dasar dan material lainnya tidak naik ke permukaan nantinya.
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Black Choco Shrimp

Black Choco shrimp is the first shrimp that I put in my Aquascape. Just look at that color. Not just black, but also Chocolate. But this is not a perfect one cause if you see others, there’s one which have full Black Choco on the body. Anyway, please enjoy :3

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Pygmy Corydoras in my Aquascape

I bought Pygmy Corydoras! This little fella is cute and a prefect type for Aquascape because of their small size. They size only at 0.75 inches (2.1cm) but some also said they can be the size of 1.2 inches (3cm) so they are perfectly fine with the Shrimps (Except for the baby one, so you better heay plant the place). 18 more words

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Aquascape: Underwater Candi

So I’m doing Aquascape again. It’s not very mature yet, it’s still few days. But I think it will be grow lovely. The fish that I have right now is Rasbora Galaxy and Black Choco Shrimp. 8 more words

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10.000/3e ▶ 10.000/4e
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August 'Scape Update

If you follow this site (why don’t you? Just click the button on the right), you’ll know I recently had to re-scape my creek tank thanks to some… 423 more words