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Frisco Pier November Sunday

November 5, 2017 the water and air temperatures were warm enough to swim around in the ocean in just a bathing suit. I spent the day at the Frisco Pier trying to catch a few waves for the first time in a while on a long board, and swimming around with my camera to capture a few moments of the final days of the Frisco Pier. 14 more words

Epic Shutter Photography


Ripples, Fountains, other things perhaps best left unsaid.  Take me home.
Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right. 6 more words

Spitting into the Weather.

I was overheated, lethargic.  The world looked gray and dull for photography.  Yet there was that something in the air – subtle signs of weather change.   366 more words

Equipment / Gear

Everyone has heard everyone say that equipment doesn’t matter.  Yet everyone drools over every new camera that is announced.  The drool is only part pavlovian response to enticing key marketing terms.   646 more words