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This is the infestation that never ends…

 …Yes it goes on and on my friends.

The thing with invasive species is that once they’re introduced to a habitat in which they are not native, they’re extremely difficult to eradicate, especially if that population has been there for a while AND it’s in the water. 404 more words

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Women in Science – Part of the Sis-STEM – Tanya Rushcall

Bright and passionate individuals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields are working to answer society’s most difficult questions and find solutions to our biggest challenges. 639 more words

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2018 Aquatic Nuisance Species Grant Available

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation Lakes and Ponds Program is pleased to announce the availability of project year 2018 Aquatic Nuisance Control Grant-in-Aid. These grants provide financial assistance to municipalities and agencies of the State for aquatic nuisance species management projects. 192 more words


Economists develop cost decision making method for lionfish

by Chris Branam, Phys.org

Lionfish are a prime example of damage caused by an invasive species brought into a new environment. With their venomous spines, aggressive behavior, and few natural enemies, these fish have the potential to harm reef ecosystems in the western Atlantic Ocean. 528 more words


Spreading the Invaders

According to a Fish and Wildlife study, almost 80 percent of non-native species found on the West Coast were first sighted in California.

You might have heard about ballast water. 149 more words

Running with the Bulls in Fort McMurray

Who says horror stories can’t have happy endings? After nearly two years, the Texaco East Pond has been restocked and is open to fishing again. The popular local fishing hole was closed after an angler reported an unusual catch on June 23, 2015. 468 more words