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Five Years of Fish Fun

Five years to the day, something that has never been done before got started. The FIRST veterinarian to pursue an all-aquatic veterinary practice, not on the side or part of a previously established veterinary practice, opened her clinic doors. 590 more words

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Geico's "Manatees in Novelty Tees"

This Geico commercial must rank pretty high on the silliness scale.  As a family visits a aquarium and pauses before the manatee (“sea cow”) exhibit, they are rewarded by a view of a quartet of the creatures, each wearing a different colored tee shirt, complete with slogan.   76 more words


Fish Diseases: Prevention and Control Strategies 1st Edition

Fish Diseases: Prevention and Control Strategies provides essential information on disease prevention and treatment by the most experienced fish culturists in the industry. The book presents both traditional and novel methodologies of identifying and addressing fish disease risk, along with preventative and responsive insights to the challenges impacting fish production today.


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Chicago Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is an indoor public aquarium in Chicago. Approximately 2.000.000 people visit the aquarium each year.

Some of the activities are Shark Feeding Tour, Sleep with the fishes, Beluga Encounter, Penguin Encounter, Dolphins Show. 97 more words


Goldfish Varieties and Genetics: Handbook for Breeders 1st Edition

English | Aug. 8, 2001 | ISBN: 0852382650 | 233 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

The goldfish, Carassius auratus, a member of the Carp family, Cyprinidae, has been domesticated for many hundreds of years, as a food fish, a laboratory animal and now most important commercially, for ornamental and aesthetic purposes. 199 more words

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