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Trident 02:

What is Trident, in a nutshell?

Trident is a post-apocalyptic world that ‘drowned’ and is now covered by a massive ocean with only one archipelago of islands left above water (that people know of). 770 more words



I find trout quite elegant in their own little way… Wonder what it’s like to be a fish…

This photo is slightly terrifying, though. 10 more words



Nothing is more elegant and beautiful as the Jellyfish. The way they flow and float through the water is so oddly calming. It’s the reason I absolutely love aquariums.  


Underwater Adventure by DaysofK

A boy’s first time exploring an underwater world.

From 500px http://ift.tt/1PsPqYE


Puddin' Up With Me Mondate

As the flakes slowly drifted downward this morning, we learned we had to make some alternate plans for the day.

Then again, they weren’t really alternate. 478 more words