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Balance of Nature

Mashaneja could hear the rumblings long before the people in her village knew that the volcano was about to erupt. It was always like that for her since she was a little child. 278 more words

Ichthyostega and Acanthostega: secondarily more aquatic

More heresy here
as the large reptile tree (LRT, 1036 taxa) flips the traditional order of fins-to-feet upside down. Traditionally the late Devonian Ichthyostega and… 562 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Martin Glass ~ The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass

The future for magnetic bubble memories
– and there still is one – was more modest now.
Glass knew it. And knew he had to un-know it. 64 more words


Thorn Lotus - Entry

Name: Thorn Lotus

Alias: Spike Lotus

Alignment: Instinct

Genders: Both (Self-fertilization)

Diet: Dirt-eater, Water-eater

Variant: Varying Green Pads, Maroon Spikes, and White Pink Flower

Ability: 119 more words


Waimakariri River, Trip #56

We had another enjoyable trip to the Waimakariri River, and finally managed to be there on a warm sunny day (27 Nov 2017). We spent less time looking for aquatic species, and more on the terrestrial creatures that are active on sunny days. 342 more words

Trip Report

"The Shape of Water" is Extraordinary!

It’s being called everything from a sympathetic re-telling of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” to an origins story for the Abe Sapien character from Hellboy, but by most accounts The Shape of Water is one of the best films that Guillermo del Toro has produced.   136 more words


Not horsing around: the Nuckelavee

It’s interesting to see how similar monsters crop up again and again across different cultures. Everyone seems to have their version of a bigfoot, of a loch ness monster, of a boogeyman, etc.   1,059 more words