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Inktober #12 Hatchet fish

These are weird fish. Ballpoint pen on paper. Freehand sketch of hatchet fish from Menagerie pet shop in Cabbagetown in Toronto. Btw, I got a new aquarium today. >_<


Inktober #6&7 Oberon and Titania

Freehand drawings of the pearl gouramis from my aquarium, Titania (pencil and archival pen) and Oberon (ballpoint pen, archival pen accented by red pastel).


Inktober #4 Nymphae

Playing catch-up now on Inktober, here’s a free-handed ballpoint pen drawing from my aquarium of my little water lily.


DREMEL: AF Swordfish Crew (customs)

Over at joecustoms.com, DREMEL is well known for his huge, imaginative vehicles.  Recently he created a massive, modern version of an Action Force/Q Force aquatic vehicle called the Swordfish. 31 more words


Avon River (Little Hagley Park), Trip #21

We visited a site in Little Hagley Park with easy access to the river, just east of Fendalton Road.


There were quite a few different animals in the water. 221 more words

Trip Report

The Yapok

In the popular imagination, marsupials are synonymous with Australia.  Yet, once, in the age of Gondwanaland, Australia was linked to Antarctica (then a verdant land of forests) which was linked to South America.  384 more words