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“Humility arises when the love of truth is stronger than the love of self.”

Ajahn Jayasaro

Western Australia

Trivia #037 - The Malachite Kingfisher

The truly aquatic kingfishers are represented in Southern and East Africa by the tiny Malachite Kingfisher. The bird drops suddenly into the water to grab its prey, and then returns to its perch, where it swallows the struggling creature head-first. 38 more words

The Real Orca AKA The “Killer Whale”

The Orca (Orcinus orca) or “Killer Whale” is one of the most recognisable marine mammals in the ocean due to its large size and distinct black and white colour pattern.  599 more words

Scuba Diving

"In the Orkneys" (WWI)

These postcards were acquired by a British or American sailor during the First World War.  They were probably made available to the men as keepsakes of their service.  48 more words



This manatee was lounging at the bottom of the tank for a long while. I was just about to give up and head to another exhibit when I turned around just in time to see this one surface to take a breath before descending back down to the bottom of the tank again. 14 more words