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Aquilegia...again ;-)

I must have a thing for these amazing flowers.

And I make no apology for not brushing off the scattered pollen.


Dusky aquilegia in the dappled shade.

Which was where I was skulking most of the day. Unfortunately this did not involve a hammock, the latest hort-lit blockbuster or even a pint of piña colada.   19 more words


I was told that all the above flowers were aquilegia vulgaris.

So common/ vulgar

I think, after everything that has been happening in the U.K. and the world, it is about time the common is recognised for true beauty and worth.


I am sure I am not alone, but when I have been away from home, even for a short time,  I need time to reconnect.  As I by necessity I leapt straight from the frying pan into the fire, back to work with barely time to remove my sombrero, it has been a disconcerting week.   112 more words

June 10th

…if only our cafe’s were as beautiful; aquilegia x…