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A Very Christmasy Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport T3

My vacation this year is a pre-Christmas vacation. Traveling early in December as I can’t take time off over Christmas itself.

Cebu Pacific flights were nice and cheap, so I booked myself a return ticket to Legazpi in the Philippines. 394 more words


Dissecting the yellow mind

This is are repost from facebook post of jovybev aquino. This is also to some friends out there who are ardent supporters of PNoy and the liberal party up until today. 470 more words


Q - C03 - Teaser: Thomas' bijdrage aan de filosofie

Sommige mensen hebben een huisdier, anderen een huiskamer of een kind aan huis. Wij hebben iets originelers: een huisdenker. Hij heet Thomas. Hij is eigenlijk onze huisboeddha. 803 more words


China Keeps Open Scarborough Shoal to Philippines as a Favor

In its report “Xi tells Duterte that Scarborough Shoal will stay open to Philippine fishermen” yesterday, SCMP says Chinese “President Xi Jinping called on China and the Philippines to explore maritime cooperation” and promised that China’s Huangyan Island (also known as Scarborough Shoal) in the South China Sea will remain open to Philippine fishermen. 920 more words

Q - C02 - Ars vitae [en een verantwoording]

Wat ik van Aquino ga laten zien is niet objectief. Alleen zijn grootste werk is al 3500 pagina’s. Ik ben wel goed in samenvatten, maar niet zó goed. 439 more words


Petitioners Stand No Chance

Let’s face it: the endless debate of whether or not to reverse the Supreme court’s decision of allowing late former President Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani/ Heroes Cemetery is the least of our priorities. 545 more words


Dictator Ferdinand Marcos will get a hero's burial in the Philippines, despite mass protests

Almost 30 years after his death, Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos is getting a hero’s burial. In a Nov. 8 ruling, the Supreme Court supported president Rodrigo Duterte’s resolve to honor the country’s original strongman leader by giving him a spot in the… 454 more words