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BAM AQUINO FOR PRESIDENT? Bam, Inangkin ang Panukalang Libreng Edukasyon

When I was in Manila in November 2017, a well-connected female politician told me that Bam Aquino would be LP’s bet for president in 2022 and that he would start going around the Philippines a.s.a.p. 202 more words

Netizens demand Bam Aquino to inject his new born baby with “Dengvaxia”

On Wednesday, February 14, Senator Paolo Bengino Aquino IV and his wife Timi welcomed their second child and daughter, Consuelo Victoria or “Coco.”

It may have been a happy celebration for the couple for the safe delivery of the new born baby, however, the netizens suddenly turned he table with hate and disgusts demanding bam Aquino to have his new born baby be injected with Dengvaxia. 87 more words

So I asked myself two questions today

What’s been bugging you lately?

Am I doing enough for my family? Is everyone happy, healthy, safe?

Where this country is headed. I read the headlines, watch the news – the nation’s being trashed by the very people who were elected and appointed to protect and serve it. 664 more words


The Dengvaxia Fiasco; Cover-ups or Politicking?

PAO and DOH subjected the dengvaxia issue into separate investigations. These investigations leas us into different results. Based on the facts, PAO forensic experts concluded that there is a pattern among the deaths that is linked to Dengvaxia vaccines, the DOH conducted investigations concluded that those cases are isolated ang does not established a causal relationship with the Dengvaxia. 285 more words

The Art of Utang na Loob

Ever wonder why your friends who have studied or are studying at the University of the Philippines or some other “prestigious” universities hate the progressive President, that is Rodrigo Duterte? 466 more words

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Commentary: Remembering Aquino’s China-Nazi Germany analogy (Part 2)

Last of 2 parts
AS a guide for his foreign policy on China, President Benigno Aquino 3rd used the Sudetenland as an analogy. He wanted the world to act against China before it turns into an unstoppable Nazi Germany. 883 more words


Commentary: Remembering Aquino’s China-Nazi Germany analogy (Part 1)

First of 2 parts
FOREIGN policy decisions are often guided by historical analogies. The policy maker uses the past to diagnose the tendencies of the dynamics of present situations. 718 more words